District Location and Boundaries Contact
Big Muddy Ray, Lafayette, and Carroll, Counties in MO Tanner Fuson; 816.569.4926 tanner.fuson@scouting.org
Blue Elk Eastern Jackson County, MO: Blue Springs, Buckner, Grain Valley, Independence, Oak Grove, Sibley, and Sugar Creek Jason Bledsoe; 816.569.4984 
Frontier The Frontier District is not a geographical district. All Units participating in the ScoutReach program are in the Frontier District Niel Campbell; 816.569.4949
Golden Eagle

Serves the North Kansas City, Liberty, Smithville, Kearney, Excelsior Springs, and Lawson School Districts

Kerry Jorn; 816-569-4937

High Trail

Serves the Lee’s Summit, Raytown, Grandview, Hickman Mills, and Lone Jack School Districts

Daniel Hemphill; 816.569.4961 daniel.hemphill@scouting.org
Iron Horse

Serve the Olathe, Spring Hill, DeSoto, and Gardner/Edgerton School Districts

Kaw Wyandotte and Leavenworth counties in KS Janell Neal; 816.569.4983 janell.neal@scouting.org
Lone Bear Johnson, Henry, Bates, and St. Clair Counties in MO David Riker; 816-569-4974 david.riker@scouting.org
Mormon Trail The Mormon Trail District is not a geographical district. All LDS are units in the Mormon Trail District. Jason Bledsoe; 816.569.4984 Jason.Bledsoe@scoutng.org
Northern Lights

Serves the Park Hill, Platte County RIII, West Platte RII, and North Platte RI School Districts

Anthony Gonnello; 816.569.4966 Anthony.gonnello@scouting.org
Pelathe Douglas County KS Paul Taylor; 816.569.4913 paul.taylor@scouting.org
Pioneer Trails Metropolitan Kansas City including the Kansas City, Missouri and Center School districts Josepha Lara-Smith; 816.569.4938 josepha.lara-smith@scouting.org
Shawnee Trails Serves the Shawnee Mission School District Jenna Bentrop; 816.569.4969 jenna.bentrop@scouting.org
Soaring Eagle

Serves the Blue Valley School District

Matt Gettys; 816.569.4970
Spirit Trail

Serves the Belton, Raymore-Peculiar, Pleasant Hill, Strasburg, East Lynn, Harrisonville, Midway, Drexel, Cass County R-V, Sherwood-Cass, Miami, Adrian, Ballard, Butler, Hudson, and Rich Hill school districts.

Cami Marcom; 816.569.4970 cami.marcom@scouting.org
Twin Rivers Anderson, Franklin, Linn,and Miami counties in KS Travis Thompson; 816.569.4973 travis.thompson2@scouting.org