Lodge Committees

Within the lodge there are 39 separate committees. These committees are responsible for everything from gathering information about lodge history to performing ceremonies at Induction Weekends.  Our committees train people to run unit elections, promote local, regional and national OA events, ensure every possible OA member has paid their dues, and educate those youth interested in bettering their leadership skills how to do so. Youth Committee Chairmen are appointed by the Lodge Chief and they recruit members from throughout the lodge to assist them on their committee. The committees function all year long in order to support the lodge.

In addition to these 39 committees, there are 14 chapters in the council in which you can get involved to expand Scouting and the OA in your community.  For more information on the chapters, contact information about how to get involved, or chapter meeting times, go to Tamegonit Lodge Chapters.

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The currently standing lodge committees are listed below. Three of those committees are described by the term "Super-Committee."  A Super-Committee is a committee that is overseen by a Lodge Vice-Chief and also has committee chairs below it that report directly to the committee chair instead of directly to the Vice-Chief.  Those three Super-Committees are currently the Membership Committee, Training Committee, and American Indian Activities Committee.  To learn about what it takes to serve as a Committee Chair of any of the lodge committees, click on the links below for the Committee Chair's job description.

2014 Tamegonit Lodge Structure

Membership Committee - The Membership Committee Chair is a Super-Committee Chair. Because of the significant size of membership in our lodge, the Chair is a vital position to ensure smooth operation of the lodge an is responsible for maintaining accurate membership records on all OA members. He oversees the Brotherhood Conversion, Event Registration and Member Registration Committees. 

Training Committee - The Training Committee Chair is a Super-Committee Chair. Ensuring all youth and advisers are properly trained and prepared for their positions in the lodge is the primary responsibility of the Training Committee Chair. He oversees the Ordeal Training, Brotherhood Training, Lodge Leadership Development, NLS/NLATS Promotion, and Unit Elections Training Committees. 

American Indian Activities Committee - The American Indian Activities Chair is a Super-Committee Chair. The OA has much of its spectacle based in American Indian customs and traditions. As a result, this Chair must ensure that the lodge is learning and practicing those customs and traditions in an appropriate and respectful manner with regard to area tribes and the rules and regulations of the OA. He oversees the Ceremony and Dance Teams. 


Membership Training Lodge Handbook & Historian Cub Scout Connections

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