Council Staff

Kenn Miller Scout Executive 816-569-4980
Ray Brauer Director of Field Service 816-569-4971

Kansas Service Area

Brian Tobler Asst. Director of Field Service 816-569-4985
Janell Neal District Executive 816-569-4983
Red-Tailed Hawk District    
Cortland Bolles District Director 816-569-4932
Courtney Swope District Executive 816-569-4964
Trailhead District      
Elizabeth Rhodus District Director 816-569-4970
Christine Hatcher District Executive 816-569-49
Northern Tier District      
Nick Traxler District Director 816-569-4969
Lauren Crowder District Executive 816-569-4918
Trails West District      
Jason Bledsoe Senior District Executive 816-569-4984
Kaw District      
Kyle Fulbright District Executive 816-569-4982
Pelathe District      
Randy Kidder District Director 816-569-4954
Twin Rivers      
Vacant District Executive 816-569-49xx  

Missouri Service Area

Anthony Escobar Asst Director of Field Service 816-569-4972
Exploring/Learning for Life      
Kerry Jorn Exploring Executive 816-569-4937
Blue Elk District      
Grant Dealy District Director 816-569-4956
Tanner Fuson District Executive 816-569-4926
Pioneer Trails District      
Niel Campbell District Executive 816-569-4949
Ann Wasman District Director 816-569-4961
Bennett Dixon District Executive 816-569-4962
Kevin Jones District Executive 816-569-4973
North Star      
Stephanie Regalia District Director 816-569-4929
Elisa Corry District Executive 816-569-4966
Adam Singleton District Executive 816-569-4950
Lone Bear      
David Riker District Director 816-569-4974
Big Muddy      
James Arcano District Executive 816-569-4941

Additional Field Support

Dusty Boatright District Director 816-569-4967
Andrea Watts District Executive 816-569-4947
LaKisha Martin District Executive 816-569-4960

Program Services

Mark Brayer Dir. of Support Services 816-569-4923
Alan Sanders Program Director - Bartle 816-569-4958
Scott Weaver Program Director - Naish 816-569-4955
Britt Davis Training Director 816-569-4924
Rick Ledgerwood Property Superintendent 816-569-4910
Cheri Williams Admin to Property Superintendent 816-569-4959
Robert "BJ" Straw Ranger Bartle Reservation 417-646-8115
Kenney Dannenbrook Asst. Ranger Bartle Reservation 417-646-8115  
Rodney Lambeth Asst. Ranger Bartle Reservation 417-646-8115  
Jason Ohring Asst. Ranger Bartle Reservation 417-646-8115  
John Nixon Ranger Naish Reservation 913-422-1035
Gordon Vicker Asst. Ranger Naish Reservation 913-422-1035  

Accounting and Technology

Steve Roberts Controller 816-569-4951
Rodger Williamson Technology Manager 816-569-4953
Carolyn Torres Accounting Specialist 816-569-4942
Janis Perry Accounts Payable Clerk 816-569-4915

Finance and Marketing

Jeromy Rutledge Director of Development 816-569-4965
Bob Hamlin Sr. Development Director 816-569-4921
Jonathan Geiger Development Director 816-569-4979
Matt Armstrong Marketing Director 816-569-4978

Support Staff

Josi Sansom Admin to Scout Executive 816-569-4916
Dawn Schnake Admin to Controller and Dir. of Support Serv. 816-569-4925
Kristan Townley Admin to Director of Development 816-569-4922
Serena Fox Admin to Director Field Service 816-569-4945
Connie Aquino Admin to Professional Field Staff 816-569-4968
Laura Campbell Admin to Program Department 816-569-4928
Leslie Staack Program Assistant 816-569-4963
Christie Boyer Program Assistant 816-569-4930
Stephanie Dale Program Assistant 816-569-4948
Liz Honeycutt Registrar 816-569-4934
Terri O'Neal Asst. Registrar 816-569-4933
Debbie Read Receptionist 816-569-4900
Jeff Tyler Customer Service Representative 816-569-4939
Doug McDuff Production Room Coordinator 816-569-4920
Martha Naylor Data Entry Specialist 816-569-4936
Nicole McCullough Data Entry Specialist 816-569-4914
Chantaye Hamilton Asst. Registrar/Program Assistant 816-569-4943
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