Kaw District Activities and Camping

Spring Camporee & OA Tap Out

Friday, March 22 5:00 p.m. - Sunday, March 24 Noon

Fort Leavenworth, Scout Area, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas

Registration is open to all Boy Scouts and Venturers for the entire weekend.  Registration includes access to all events, supplies and camporee patch.  Troops/Crews who would like to assist running a program area or campfire please contact Rick Dembowski.

Events include: 

    Knot Tying & Lashings, Fire Building, First Aid, Navigation and Orienteering, Leave no Trace, Tomahawk Throw or Archery and Canoe Race

The cost is $8.00 per person. 

Units must pre-register to ensure clearance to get on Post. 

Deadline to register is March 8, 2019

Information needed for adults getting on post include:

1. Need driver’s license number and state

2. Full name as it appears on license

3. Address

4. Phone number 

For more information, contact:  Rick Dembowski | rick.dembowski@gmail.com | 913-364-5168

Click here to register

Camporee Informational Flyer

Leaders Guide (coming soon)



Fun with a Purpose! This is the foundation which allows the Heart of America Council to provide a superior summer camp experience to the youth members of our council. Each age appropriate camp program recognizes the importance of providing an enjoyable and attractive experience for young people, while at the same time, address the elements that are important to youth development, such as social adeptness, caring relationships, creative use of time and respect for one self and others.

  • Camping Resources and Forms — Print health forms, camperships applications and much much more.
  • ​Cub Scout Overnight Family Camping — Overnight camping is not just for Boy Scouts. As part of the pack's annual plan, each pack should include a well organized Pack Overnighter for the Cub Scouts and families in their unit. Well planned, organized overnighters at the pack level help fulfill the promise made to our Cub Scouts. 
  • Cub Scout Day Camp, is a day time camping experience held within each district of the council. Tiger Cubs through Webelos will enjoy this camp.

  • Bear Camp is a Cub Scout Resident Camp designed for Bear Cub Scouts. Held at the Theodore Naish Scout Reservation in Bonner Springs, Kansas, Bear Camp is a theme-oriented overnight camping experience that provides a one-night, two day camping experience with a program that is designed as an introduction to the long-term camping program of the Boy Scouts of America.

  • Webelos Scout Resident Camp is also held at the Naish Scout Reservation. The program is designed for both first and second year Webelos Scouts, with the first year Webelos program revolving on Activity Badges such as Sportsman, Aquanaut, and Naturalist. The second year Webelos Program is designed to advance the camping skills of a young man as he prepares to enter his next level of scouting, Boy Scouting. The Webelos Camp Program is a two night, three day camping experience.

  • Boy Scout Resident Camp is a long-term camping experience for all young men in the Boy Scout Program. It is designed to teach independence and interdependence among scouts while at the same time provide opportunities for them to learn leadership and teamwork as they live the patrol method and work on advancement and merit badge requirements. The Heart of America Council offers three long-term camping programs for Boy Scouts.

    • The Theodore Naish Scout Reservation offers a six-day camping program, along with opportunities for young men to be active in the Order of the Arrow.

    • The H. Roe Bartle Scout Reservation is a nine-day Boy Scout camping experience with the opportunity for a young man to become a member the Tribe of Mic-O-Say after he has experienced three years of long term summer camp.

    • The Council operates a five-day Boy Scout Camping experience at Rotary Youth Camp on Lake Jacomo. This program offers the Boy Scout camping program to young men who have a disability, which prevents them from attending either the Naish or Bartle Scout Reservations. Both honor camping programs are a part of Rotary Camp.