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Iron Horse Eagle Scout Process

Project Approvals: Iron Horse District Advancement Committee Members will review project proposals on the third Thursday of the month (except in the month of July) at Colonial Presbyterian Church at 135th and Quivira.  We will start at 6:45 PM, but please don't send your Scouts earlier than that.  This just adds to the stress for the Scout.  Since our team is comprised solely of volunteers, the speed at which we can review Eagle proposals depends entirely on how many volunteers we have at that evening.  The Scout should have:


  • The contact and proposal section completed, including signatures.
  • Neatly arranged in a three-ring binder.

Final Eagle Workbook Turn-in: We will also accept Final Eagle workbook turn-in on the third Thursday of the month (except in the month of July) at Colonial Presbyterian Church at 135th and Quivira.  This is when the Eagle Candidate has completed everything and is ready for us to schedule the Eagle Board.  This is not the Eagle Board of Review!  The Scout does not need to show up in full uniform with all board members in tow!  The Scout will need:

  • Their completed Eagle workbook (planning and final report), with final pictures and all required signatures.
  • Their completed Eagle Application, including committee signatures and scoutmaster conference date.
  • Their statement of life goals and ambitions.
  • Their letters of recommendation (optional; these may be brought to the Board of Review if that is more convenient).

If everything is approved, Iron Horse District Advancement Committee leadership will keep the workbook and application at this meeting and, on the Scout's behalf, that district volunteer leadership will submit the application to the Heart of America Council Service Center for approval before the Board of Review.

Eagle Boards of Review: Eagle Boards of Review are held on the third Thursday of the month at Colonial Presbyterian Church at 135th and Quivira. We hold boards at 6:30 and 8:00. Candidates are notified 3 to 4 weeks in advance as to their time slot. Some adjustments can be accommodated. Final reviews handed in are normally scheduled for review the following month. An example would be Final reviews in January are submitted to council for approval, and the boards are scheduled for February. Again, there are always exceptions, but we try to stick to this for consistency. This gives the candidate time to do the following:

  • Notify their troop/crew as to their desire to sit his Eagle Board of Review, and, according to unit policy, have three board members selected. (Many units have unique processes to select Board Members).
  • Arrange for letters of recommendation to be delivered to a troop contact for eventual delivery to the Board chair on the night of the Board.
  • Arrange for "friend of scout" (optional).
  • Arrange for their parent/guardians to be present for pictures afterward.

If the Scout has a successful Eagle Board of Review, Iron Horse District Advancement Committee leadership will take the signed and approved application and the completed information form (the Scout will get this form at the Board of Review) the Heart of America Council Service Center to be recorded and submitted to National.

Situations often arise with varying mitigating circumstances that may hinder a Scouts's advancement toward the rank of Eagle Scout.  Conditions that may hinder advancement could include special needs (physical, mental, behavioral, and/or emotional needs), a Scout approaching the age of 18, or a Scout who has completed everything required except his Board of Review who is past the age of 18.  Specific questions or concerns about these circumstances or others concerning advancement to Eagle Scout for a Scout should be addressed as quickly as possible to either Doug Machamer, IH Advancement Chair or Quinn Greenhalgh, IH Eagle Board of Review Chair

Additional Forms and Resources for work on the Eagle Scout Rank can be found by clicking HERE!

Merit Badge Program and Counselors

The Merit Badge program allows any Scouts BSA or any qualified Venturer to learn about sports, crafts, science, trades, business, and future careers as you earn merit badges.  Scouts will also pick-up some valuable life skills along the way as they earn these merit badges.

Merit Badge Counselors work with Scouts on their selected merit badge(s).  The Merit Badge Counselor is qualified to teach the merit badges he/she offers to teach, usually as a result of a professional background in the subject matter, being a hobbyist in the selected merit badge, or having a great deal of personal experience with the merit badge.  A Merit Badge Counselor must complete the following requirements to be a Merit Badge Counselor:

Merit Badge Counselor Training

Please contact Mike Schmitt ( the Iron Horse District Merit Badge Counselor Trainer by email or phone (913.948.1116) and a training session can be arranged for you or your troop. 

Council Merit Badge Counselor Information and Resources

Lifesaving & Meritorious Action Awards

National and council awards may be presented to members of Scouting for displaying unusual heroism, skill or bravery made for outstanding and unusual acts.

Award Information

Adult Service & Support Awards

Several awards for service by adults to Scouting and to other organizations while a Scouter are available.  Click the links below for more information on all these various awards: