Blue Elk District Training


Earn this patch and show you're fully trained for your currently registered position!

Training is a vital part of the Scouting Program! Whether you just joined us as a new volunteer or you’re a seasoned member, training is the most important thing that we can offer to our scouts. Every youth deserves a trained leader!

All registered leaders MUST have current Youth Protection Training (meaning within the last 2 years) in order to re-register.

New adult applicants will not be accepted without proof of Youth Protection training.

Training is broken down by whether you’re a Cub Scout, Boy Scout, Varsity or Venturing Leader. Minimum courses that every leader needs to take for their registered position are detailed in the matrix:

Youth Protection

Youth Protection Training is available at the online learning center at This training is good for two years. Course codes: Y01 or Y02 (Y02 is good for ALL levels of Scouting)

Cub Scout Leader Training

In order for a Cub Scout Leader to be considered "fully trained", you need to complete the courses listed in the Trained Leader Positions document. Position-specific training has been in-person training historically, but recently has been added to the online courses at Supplemental training for Cub Scout Leaders includes BALOO (Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation) which now incorporates the formerly separate Outdoor Webelos Leaders Skills (OWL).

Boy Scout Leader Training

Boy Scout Leaders are considered "fully trained" when you complete the courses listed in the Trained Leader Positions document Scoutmaster/Assitant Scoutmaster Training and Outdoor Leader Skills are only available in a classroom setting and OLS is an overnight campout. Troop Committee Challenge is available online.

Venturing Leader Training

In order for a Venturing Leader to be considered "fully trained" you need to complete the courses listed in the Trained Leader Positions document including Venturing Youth Protection which is course code Y02. Y01 does not count for Venturing Leaders.

Online Training Classes

For Supplemental Training, including: Safe Swim Defense, Safety Afloat, Hazardous Weather and other training, please visit:

All training listed below is In-Person.

The below training information is for the Blue Elk District. If you are unable to attend, you MAY take the training courses in another District or at Bartle during the Summer Camping Season.

Boy Scout Training Dates: 

Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills (OLS) BSA Course Code S11


Course: Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills (OLS) BSA Course Code S11


April 23rd - 24th


At American Legion Farm, 1598-2 Legion Dr, Blue Springs, MO 64014




Registration begins at 5 PM Friday April 16th

Course runs Friday evening to 12pm on Saturday April 24th

Scoutmaster Specific starts Saturday April 24th at 1PM. Scoutmaster Training will go to about 3:30pm

Required Items:

Outdoor camping gear, Class A & B, lawn chair.
Optional: pen, paper, Scout Handbook, flag making material.

Who may attend:

All Scouts who will be turning 18 before the next OLS course; any Scouter 18 or older


Scoutmaster Specific Training – BSA Course Code S24

Eagle Scout Advisor/Guest Chair Training:

This training is conducted by the Advancement team which is currently being rebuilt.

Merit Badge Counselor:

  • Held at Round tables in January, March, May, September, and November and is conducted by the Advancement Team currently being rebuilt.

Patrol Leader Council (PLC):

Inaugural session currently being planned for March 2018.  Exact date/time/location has not been set yet.

Course will target currently serving members of the PLC looking to better understand their roles and how to serve their troops better.  More detailed information will be posted once confirmed.

Cub Scout Training Dates:

~ Cub Scout Position-specific training may now be completed online or in person.  Online completion may be accomplished at  A training webpage navigation aid is available by request from Pat Farmer.

COR Training:

COR Training will be held at the February and November District Roundtables in 2018. – Your online training center

There are many training courses that can be taken online.

  • Create an account - this can be done with or without your BSA membership ID.
  • If you enter your membership ID, your training records will be updated at the Council Office.
  • If you are not yet registered, you can still take training; just print the certificate at the end of each course.
  • After your account is created you will receive an email with a link. Click the link to activate your my.scouting account. This must be done before you can log in. If you do not receive an email, check your spam/junk folder.
  • Once you log in to my.scouting, click My Learning on the top ribbon. Training courses for your registered position will be shown if your application has already been processed.  Otherwise, you may request a “tour guide” document from Bradley or Kimberly Eichstadt which will take you step-by-step with screen shots through the method to find your appropriate training courses.
  • Once completed, be sure to print your certificate in the event your training does not automatically link to your transcript.
  • Click on the “Completions” link on the top ribbon to confirm your completed course(s) have been added to your transcript.

Submit your certificate of completion to your District Training Chair if it does not show up in your transcript under the “Completions” link.

We are encouraging all units to use this system to check the training status of all of their leaders. Committee Chairs can generate a report for the entire unit or members can generate their own individually.


Adult Advanced & Supplemental Training

Beyond your basic leader training, there are several training programs you can participate in to gain a better understanding of leadership and executing the Scouting program.  Please take a few moments to take advantage of these additional opportunities:


Adult Training Awards

The training awards and keys are designed to recognize unit Scouters for tenure, training, and performance in their leadership roles.


Patrick Farmer

Blue Elk Training Chair

Blue Elk District