Mic-O-Say Year in Review

Dick Brown

Recording Medicine Man Cranky Brown Bear

The 2018 camping season began June 1st with the Tribal Celebration. The Chieftain Ceremony began with the elevation of 27 Sachems, 12 Keepers of the Wampum, and 6 Sagamores. The evening closed with the elevation of Sagamore Cedar Sunset, David Chinnery, to Presiding Chieftain.

During the five sessions of camp, the Blue Elk Records Center sent forth the calls for 1116 new Tribesmen; this included eleven Bartle Braves who participated in the Honorary Warrior program to complete their journey to Warrior in the Tribe. Calls were made for 742 Foxmen, 759 Braves, 673 Warriors, 251 Honorary Warriors and 106 Honored Women. Additional calls were made in Lone Bear Council Ring for 433 Firebuilders, 260 Tom-Tom Beaters, 149 Runners, 89 Keepers of the Sacred Bundle, and 44 Shamans.

During fourth session, Sachem Little Black Cloud, Hugh Libby, was elevated to Honorary Chieftain. At 5th session Warrior Ceremony, the new Heart of America Council Scout Executive, Brick Huffman, was elevated from Sachem to Chief Quiet Standing Rock of the Tribe of Mic-O-Say. Brick became the first full rainbow Chief of the Tribe.

With the Tribal Council staff elevations, the 7 elevations of those who could not attend Tribal Celebration and those from Tribal Celebration, the total Tribal Council elevations for 2018 was 47 Sachems, 16 Keepers of the Wampum, 8 Sagamores, 2 Chieftains and 1 Chief. The list of Tribal Council elevations can be found on the 2018 Tribal Council Elevations page.

Coups were awarded at night two campfires in each campsite. Tribesmen were awarded 251 Eagle Scout Coups, 98 Religious Award Coups and 106 Den Chief Coups. Two hundred eighty-nine Coup of the Long Trail were presented before Brave and Warrior ceremonies and 407 young Tribesmen returned to the Reservation for the first time since becoming a Warrior to make their Coveted Coup feather and receive their first pair of Coveted Coup.

The training team was busy in 2018 with 46 Tribesmen attending New Sachem Orientation and 103 attending Tribal Council Training. The Tribal Council Reflections after Brave Resolutions was expanded; these sessions were well attended and continued to receive many positive comments

Thank you to everyone who contributed to making 2018 another successful year for the Tribe of Mic-O-Say. As I conclude my tenure as Recording Medicine Man and 25 years of camp staff, I would like to thank everyone for their cooperation, service to the Tribe and Scouting and the memories that I will take with me.

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