Religious Emblems

The Religious Emblems program is a program that allows Scouts to recognize their “Duty to God” and promise to “be reverent”.

Religious Emblems programs are written, maintained and approved by the various Faith Communities not by the BSA. BSA acknowledges the values of each of those programs and encourages participation and presentation of the achievement on the BSA uniform.  Religious Emblems programs are Scouting's way of demonstrating "Duty to God" and "reverence".

Program materials are written for your specific Faith or Beliefs and are directed toward age specific groups for all Scouting programs.

If you have any questions or need help contact the Council Religious Emblems Coordinator   
Don Shapley:

Events and Training

  • Download PowerPoint presentations from University of Scouting and Chaplains/Chaplains Aide Training.
  • Download PowerPoint presentations from Commissioners College - part 1 and part 2.

Online Resources for Religious Emblems

Download the Duty to God brochure for a comprehensive list of Faith Communities 

Religious Emblems Display Teams (R.E.D.)

A council R.E.D. Team is available to make a presentation about the Religious Emblems program. To schedule a presentation at your roundtable, court of honor, or unit meeting, contact Homer Radford at (816) 356-1760.

Faith Committee Contacts for Religious Emblems

Religious Emblems Coordinator Don Shapley (913) 485-6299
LDS Steve Stephenson (913) 685-3827
Jewish Stewart Koesten (913) 269-5954
Catholic - Missouri Fr. Joe Powers (816) 285-8353
Catholic - Kansas Gary Smith (913) 433-6899
Community of Christ Kerry DeHaan (816) 210-4043
Protestant Vacant    
Muslim Mahnaz Shabbir (816) 213-2536
Hindu Vacant    
R.E.D. Team Coordinator Homer Radford (816) 356-1760