Every Scout should learn the value of hard work and earning their own way. The popcorn sale is the perfect opportunity to teach this valuable life lesson and fund the most exciting year of Scouting ever. More than 70% of the popcorn sale supports your programs and local Scouting! The Heart of America Council does all the pre-work to set up the sale, eliminating the need for your unit to research opportunities, calculate returns, create sales and promotional materials, manage a relationship with a vendor, etc. 

The popcorn sale also helps the council raise money for summer camps, offering more extensive training for our volunteer leaders and members, and creating new and exciting programs for your Scouts. 

The popcorn sale is not just about selling popcorn...It’s also about promoting Scouting!

How to Sell Popcorn

There are three different ways to sell Popcorn as a unit.

  • Show N' Sell is a direct sale that takes place outside of a local business, where Scouts interact directly with community members and encourage them to buy popcorn.
  • Take Order is an order and fulfillment process that takes place in your neighborhood, where Scouts go door-to-door and ask for popcorn orders that are fulfilled at a later date.
  • Online Sales are also available and can be used to raise funds for your unit no matter where the customer is located.

Popcorn Resources

 Key Dates Sell Online Online Sales Tutorial Unit Kernal Guidebook

User Account Instructions FAQ 


Online Sales

Selling online is the best way to sell to your friends and family who live out of town and it's easy! Scouts can create their own online profile at www.myprpopcorn.com. This secure, online platform allows Scouts and their parents to sell even more popcorn by easily promoting their sale to family and friends online using custom profiles. 

Online Sale Tutorial Video

Top Pop

All 2019 Popcorn Sales Champions will be invited to our special "Top Pop" celebration on January 11 at Main Event Entertainment in Independence. This invitation only event includes amazing prizes, lunch, 1 hour of FREE play and a few more surprises for our sales champions!

Online Reservations Available this December

Top Pop Event Flier