Thank you all for you selling popcorn this year! We hope it has been a great experience and look forward to the 2019 sales season.  

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Locations Districts
Allegion, 2119 E Kansas City Rd, Olathe, KS 66061 Behind (west of) Bass Pro Shop and old Benchmark building Pelathe, Iron Horse, Shawnee Trails, Twin Rivers, and Soaring Eagle
Wagner Industries, 1731 St Louis Ave, Kansas City, MO 64101 Golden Eagle, Northern Lights, Pioneer Trails, Kaw
Best Way Distribution, 13209 Arrington Rd Dock 25 Grandview, MO 64030 Blue Elk, High Trail, and Spirit Trail
Elite Dry Cleaning, 809 S Orchard St, Clinton, MO 64735
Lone Bear


Popcorn Video Series

  1. 2018 Popcorn Intro

  2. Online Sales Tutorial


Popcorn Commission Structure

l  Base commission (every Unit earns this)                                                30% 

l  Attend Sellers Academy/Popcorn Orientation; Pay invoice by 12/05      +2%

IN LIEU OF PRIZES, a Unit may opt for additional bonus                      +3%


2017 Top Selling Units

Twin Rivers Pack 3101 $38,075.00
Spirit Trail Pack 4124 $29,396.00
Shawnee Trail Pack 3291 $26,779.00
Iron Horse Pack 3551 $25,361.00
Iron Horse Pack 3210 $23,766.00


Last 5 Years Top Selling Units






2018 Key Dates

8/2/2018 Lone Bear Training - First United Methodist Church
8/7/2018 Pelathe Training - Lawrence Public Library
8/8/2018 Twin Rivers Training - Presbyterian Church
8/9/2018 Big Muddy Training - Lexington United Methodist Church
8/11/2018 Sellers Academy - Cerner Riverport Campus
8/25/2018 Sellers Academy - Overland Park Convention Center
8/26/2018 Show 'n Sell Orders Due Online
9/7/2018 Show 'n Sell Distribution
9/7/2018 Popcorn Sale Starts
10/1/2018 Early Bird Fill-It-Up Orders Due
10/17/2018 Submit Returns 
10/20/2018 Returns Due at Warehouse
10/22/2018 Final Orders Due Online
11/7/2018 Fill-It-Up Orders Due Online
11/7/2018 Place patches, pins, and prizes order online
11/7/2018 Register Big Winner Dinner attendees
11/7/2018 Submit Legacy Scholarship Forms to Council
11/9/2018 Pick up Take Orders.
11/13/2018 Commissions Finalized and Invoices Mailed
12/5/2018 Final Payments Due
1/19/2019 Big Winner Dinner