About Founder Guardians

The Founder Guardian program helped fund the construction of the new Blue Elk Lodge (Records Center). This was a one-time program and was concluded in August 2018.

Donations to the Founder Guardian program do not apply to the Lifetime Guardian program. The funds for the Founder Guardian program are intended for the new Blue Elk Lodge while the Lifetime Guardian donations are applied to the Micosay endowment.

Red Bear PawFounder Guardians are recognized with a Red Bear Paw. The Founder Guardian Bear Paw may be worn on the Scout uniform or on the attire.

Founder Guardians

The following tribesmen have made the commitment to become Founder Guardians. If you completed your Founder Guardian contribution and your name is not listed below, contact Haley Bowman at Haley.Bowman@scouting.org or 816-569-4965 to ensure that your donation has been processed.