Kaw District Friends of Scouting

Kaw District Friends of Scouting

The Friends of Scouting Campaign keeps Scouting an affordable, effective youth development program. It funds the council's infrastructure, or general operating portion of the budget, and provides a support system for more than 14,000 volunteers and 800 community organizations that partner with the Heart of America Council.   

The campaign is divided into two separate efforts: The Family Friends of Scouting Campaign, which solicits contributions from scouting families, and the Friends of Scouting Community Campaign, which seeks contributions from business and community leaders.

How Your Financial Support is Used

Over 29,000 youth - one out of every four available young people in the 19 counties that the Heart of America Council serves - are involved in Scouting programs. The goal is to maintain and refine current programs while continuing to expand Scouting's reach to even more families.

Intensive outreach efforts have resulted in an ever-growing number of at-risk youth involved in the Scouting program. The Scoutreach program has positively impacted youth in the urban core of Kansas City, youth with special needs and youth from families with limited financial resources. 

The Heart of America Council recognizes that trained leaders are the best resources for delivering quality program to youth participants. A critical part of the new strategic plan is to increase the number of trained leaders and to add program staff positions to focus on supporting the training component of district operations. 

The Heart of America Council provides accident and liability insurance to all Scouts and leaders at no cost to protect them from liability and accidents incurred while on Scouting activities. While the cost for this insurance is substantial, the leadership of the Heart of America Council believes that it is critical that volunteers, leaders, and Scouts are able to enjoy the Scouting program while being covered by insurance.

Family Friends of Scouting Campaign 

The current cost to deliver the Scouting program in the Heart of America Council is $180 per Scout per year. This ensures that the Scouting program will remain strong for your family. The Family Friends of Scouting program is an opportunity for families who directly benefit from the Scouting program to provide financial support. Family Friends of Scouting presentations take place during pack and troop meetings or you may be contacted by a volunteer from your pack or troop to consider a gift. 

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Steve Croft

Steve Croft

Vice Chair of Finance

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