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Scouting means learning through living, making every day an adventure that challenges you to be your best. 

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Help us build character for thousands of Scouts across Kansas City by sharing your Scouting story and creating your very own fundraising page.

Moving unit meetings to Camp Naish, introducing the new Scout Saver program, planning the perfect Scout Sunday celebration and more!

The Boy Scouts of America and The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are teaming up to release a new award that Scouts can earn as a part of the EPA’s 50th anniversary.

Looking to grow your unit’s social media presence? From content creation to social media management, we have resources that can help boost your social media presence.

Get prepared for Cub Scout summer camp, our marquee fundraising event goes virtual, a new way to recognize Eagle Scouts and more!

As we move into the new year, we wanted to take some to to look back on the successes that our Scouts had in the 2020 popcorn sale.