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Scouting means learning through living, making every day an adventure that challenges you to be your best. 

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Being prepared is what Scouting is all about. Learn how a 7-year-old Scout's quick thinking and trip to a fire station helped prepare him for any emergency.

Scare-up the fun this October with a safe twist on Halloween. Haunted Trails is back and better than ever with a spooky new mobile drive-thru option.

Scouts across Kansas City have shown us that having a successful popcorn sale is possible with a little determination and creativity.

A new mobile way to celebrate Halloween safely, taking your popcorn sale online, preparing for summer camp 2021 and more!

With the challenges faced by COVID-19, our packs, troops, and crews are innovating, updating and creating brand new recruitment strategies.

The outdoor experience is one of the most important aspects of Scouting we can provide for our Scouts and now is the time to plan your 2021 summer camp adventure.