Congratulations New Members

If you just completed your Ordeal, we congratulate you! You have just joined Tamegonit Lodge #147, and are now a part of Scouting's premiere honor society. We encourage you to stay involved in your lodge and continue your service in Scouting. We have compiled below a list of information that we believe will be helpful in your continued service to Scouting, and your future service to your lodge. You are highly encouraged to check out JumpStart, which will explain the Ordeal process and its backgrounds in the Order of the Arrow. JumpStart also has a section for Brotherhood membership, which we encourage all Ordeal members to take part in after 10 months of membership in the lodge.

If you are interested in getting involved with your Chapter or Lodge you can fill out the Tamegonit Lodge Interest Survey, visit a Chapter Meeting, or talk with a member of the Lodge Executive Committee about getting involved in OA.

To become a member of the Order of the Arrow, you had to meet several requirements. They were: be approved by your Scoutmaster; camp 15 nights, with 5 of those nights at long term or summer camp (but no more than 5 nights); hold the First Class rank; be elected by the youth members of your unit; and finally, pass the Ordeal.

The Ordeal is a series of tests, which you passed in order to prove your dedication to the principles of the Order. If you would like specific information on the tests, ask a member of the Ceremonial Team or a Lodge Officer.  

As an Ordeal member, you should be most interested in becoming a Brotherhood member, and completing your membership. 

The Lodge has many things for you as an Arrowman to participate in; the only trick is for you to discover where you want to get involved. And if you become active, someday you may even become an officer of Tamegonit Lodge.



Opportunities to Get Involved

"He alone is worthy to wear the Arrow who will continue to serve his fellow man."

-Allowat Sakima

The Order of the Arrow is only as strong as each individual member chooses to make it in their own lives.  Becoming a member of this great and honored Order is synonymous with the development of many new and exciting opportunities for you.  Youth and adults alike are always in need. Get Involved! Identify the need - feel the need.  Meet the Challenge of the Order, remembering always that the ones who chose you, need you, and that you were so chosen not on the merits of what you have accomplished, but rather for what is expected of you in the future as an Arrowman.  For even more ideas than those listed below, contact a lodge officer.

In the Unit…

  • Go camping with your Troop every month.
  • Share camping and outdoor skills with Troop Members.
  • Attend Summer Camp with your unit or be on Camp Staff.
  • Suggest new outdoor programs.
  • Serve as your unit’s Order of the Arrow Troop Representative.
  • Take on leadership roles in unit.
  • Be a living example of the Scout Oath and Law.

In the Chapter

  • Get involved with unit elections, camp promotions, or service.
  • Volunteer and take on leadership roles such as a Chapter Officer.
  • Attend and participate in Chapter meetings, events, and program.
  • Suggest new ways your Chapter can help units or the district.
  • Help staff and plan Chapter event.

In the Lodge…

  • Attend Lodge activities.
  • Help out at an Induction Weekend.
  • Earn as many coups as possible.
  • Take on a Lodge Leadership or Committee position.
  • Join a lodge operating committee.

In the Nation…

  • Attend the annual Section Conclave.
  • Run for a Section Office.
  • Attend a Section meeting.
  • Go to the National Leadership Seminar.
  • Go to the bi-Annual National OA Conference (NOAC).