Cub Leader Training

Troop 300 Cabin (1105 N Campbell St., Pleasant Hill)
Saturday, October 27th 9:00am-1:00pm.

As it is scheduled over lunch, consider bringing a sack lunch or snacks.  Come prepared to interact, participate, and have fun!  Register at

Youth Protection Training

The new Youth Protection Training will be offered at October and November Roundtables, beginning at 7:30pm. The training will last about 90 minutes.  It will also be available on Saturday, October 27th at the Troop 300 Cabin (1105 N Campbell St., Pleasant Hill).  The training will begin at the completion of the Cub Leader Training.  The Cub Leader Training is scheduled to finish at 1:00pm, but may finish early, so please arrive by 12:30pm.

New Council Training Requirements (September 2018)

- All direct contact leaders (CM, DL, SM, NL) must be position trained in order to renew their registration (even if they were previously registered in a different position).

- Adults registering with BSA for the first time, and that are registering in a direct contact position are required to have completed the first module (Before the First Meeting) before registering.  As with other direct contact leaders, they must complete the position specific training before renewing their registration.

District Training Team

Training Chair: Tim Collins
Boy Scout Training Chair: Sam Bass
Cub Scout Training Chair: Bo Walker

A Note on Cub Scout Training

While most Cub Scout Training is available online at, the District training team will hold at least two scheduled trainings each year.  The team is also available to come to your Pack to do training.  In person training is highly recommended as it offers the opportunity to ask questions and tailor it to participants' needs.

There are many training courses that can be taken online at

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Cub Scout Online Training Courses
Cub Scout Leader Fast Start
This is Scouting!
Youth Protection Training
Safety Afloat
Safe Swim Defense

Boy Scout Training Online Training Courses
Boy Scout Leader Fast Start
This is Scouting!
Youth Protection Training
Safety Afloat
Safe Swim Defense

For any other training needs, please contact the District Training Chair, Tim Collins at