Frontier District

District Service Area

The Frontier District is the Heart of America Council’s newest district. While the district serves the entire geographical composition of the council, the majority of Scouting units reside within Wyandotte County, Kansas and Jackson County, Missouri. Units are led by paid paraprofessionals, corporate sponsored volunteers or other volunteers lacking a familial connection to the units. District leaders are tasked with mobilizing resources to ensure the growth and success of the units in the district. The Frontier District Committee is responsible for carrying out four standard functions: membership, finance, program and unit service.

Frontier District Volunteer Leadership

Urban Advisory Board Chairman: 

District Activities Chairman: Dorothy Taylor

District Camping Chairman:  Benjamin Gregory

Popcorn Chairman: Deborah Hall

Wednesday, Jun 21 (6:00PM - 8:00PM)
5601 Oakwood Road, Kansas City, MO 64127
Friday, Jun 23 - Sunday, Jun 25 (10:00AM - 5:00PM)
LaKisha Martin

LaKisha Martin

District Director

Frontier District