Mic-O-Say Celebration


2020 Celebration Canceled

We are disappointed to confirm the cancellation of the 2020 Celebration. We will all miss the opportunity to rekindle friendships coupled with the excitement of a new camping season right around the corner.  We support the Heart of America Council and its leadership having faced the difficult decision to delay the start of camp, choosing health and safety above all else. 


We are uncertain today what tomorrow may bring, but the good news is the days will get brighter and these troubling times will pass. Hopefully, they will pass quickly, and camp can resume on a delayed basis.  We want to be ready.


Mic-O-Say does ask for important support from Troop Leadership.  We ask you to compile and submit all troop recommendations for Mic-O-Say as you normally would for the 2020 camping season. Please submit all recommendations to the Heart of America Council prior to June 15th, 2020.  We want to be prepared as we move forward with unknown schedules and receiving your Troops recommendations are vital to any solution.


As Mic-O-Say moves forward during this historic event we are focused on the youth members and those beginning their path towards the inner circle.  We cannot give you specific information today, however, we hope the pandemic fades enough that we are able to work within social distancing rules and meet our goal.  


Keep your eyes and ears open for special announcements from the Heart of America Council and Mic-O-Say.




Additional Information: 


Refunds for Celebration will be made as soon as possible. 


Units please conduct your committee meetings, complete the recommendation forms (including any requested exceptions and other required attachments), and submit all recommendations to the Heart of America Council prior to June 15th, 2020. Recommendations should be reviewed for the youth that were planning on attending camp during a traditional session.  We must stress the importance of accuracy in your submitted recommendations.  Timing may not allow for last minute additions or corrections.  Please don’t allow an Adult error to impact our youth.  Honorary Warrior and Honored Women recommendations do not need to be submitted at this time. We will provide further instruction regarding adult recommendations as we move forward and the path becomes clearer.   Recommendation forms will need to be fully filled out and signed just as in past years, and then either mailed to the Heart of America Council office in care of Laura Campbell or scanned and emailed to laura.campbell@scouting.orgQuestions may be directed to Tribal.recorder@gmail.com.