Coup Thong

  1. Year Beads - For years active in OA. May be any color, 1/2". Square denotes 5 years.
  2. 100th Anniversary of BSA Coup - The Fog Bead is a round bead with a crackled matte finish painted gold inside, simulating the glow of an old fashioned street lamp seen through a thick fog. All Arrowmen who were active or inducted in 2010 may wear the coup.
  3. Officer Beads - Cylindrical bead. GOLD for National or Regional (not shown); RED for Section; VIOLET for Lodge (not shown); GREEN for Lodge Committee, YELLOW for Chapter.
  4. Service Coup - CLEAR Multifaceted Round bead. Awarded to Arrowmen for 50 hours of service to the lodge or chapter performing duties not recognized in other coups.
  5. White Buffalo Coup - CLEAR cylinder with WHITE center.
  6. Brown Hawk Society Coup - CLEAR cylinder with BROWN center.
  7. Military Service Coup - CLEAR cylinder with RED center.
  8. Religious Coup - CLEAR cylinder with PURPLE center. Awarded to Arrowmen who earn the Boy Scout Religious Award (purple knot). Only one pair is worn.
  9. NIMAT Coup - Decorative TAN bead. Awarded to Arrowmen who attended NIMAT training and serve as a NIMAT four (4) times.
  10. Elangomat Coup - Yellow-Black-Yellow. Awarded to Arrowmen who attended Elangomat training and serve as an Elangomat three (3) times.
  11. Dance Team Coup - BLUE Oval CHEVRON. Awarded for active dance team participation. Only one pair is worn.
  12. Coup of the Far Traveler - White-Red-White. Awarded to Arrowmen who complete the requirements. Only one pair is worn.
  13. Election Team Coup - Decorative TEAL bead. Awarded to Arrowmen who attended Election Team Training and participate in ten (10) unit elections.
  14. Eagle Coup - Red-White-Blue. Awarded to Arrowmen who have received the Eagle Scout Award.
  15. Ceremonial Team Coup - Small Oval Wooden Beads. YELLOW for CHAPTER, RED for ORDEAL, WHITE for BROTHERHOOD, BLUE for VIGIL. Awarded for active participation as a Ceremonialist.
  16. OATR Coup - Small SILVER bead. Awarded to Arrowmen who complete the requirements which include; attending and participating in eight chapter meetings in a one-year period.
  17. Runner Coup - RED glass with WHITE center. Awarded to Arrowmen who serve as a runner for five (5) Call-Out and/or Induction ceremonies.
  18. Spacers - Used to separate arrowhead from beads.
  19. Wooden Arrowhead - Indicates Ordeal, Brotherhood or Vigil member status.
  20. Summer Camp Service Beads - YELLOW or GOLD for Camp Staff; RED for Campmaster Corps; GREEN for Camp Scoutmaster; TURQUOISE or LIGHT BLUE for Camp Commissioner; DARK BLUE SPECKLED for Camp Senior Patrol Leader. Only one pair of each is worn.
  21. Summer Camp Year Beads - For years at a HOAC Council Long Term Camp. Any color, 3/8”, Square denotes five (5) years. May be worn for years at camp prior to OA membership.

Coup Forms are available at Council Office, in the Great House, and online by clicking

Tamegonit Lodge Coup Forms