Change of Information

It is important for the Tribe to have up-to-date information on each tribesman. With current information, the Tribe will be able to more effectively communicate with Tribesmen and ensure the tribal records are accurate when there are multiple tribesmen with the same given name. This is especially helpful when identifying tribesmen to recognize for the memorial service.

There are now three ways you can submit an update for your personal information (address, phone, email, birth date, BSA national member id, and Troops you have been a member). You can submit your information on-line, send an email to the Tribal Recorder, or send a letter to the Tribal Recorder.

Update Online

When using the on-line update option, you will be presented with two options depending on what information you have available that matches the information which is currently in the tribal database.  You will need your tribal number which can be found on the mailing label of your Cedar Smoke.  If you have problems with online option 1 and online option 2, you can still submit your information by email. 

Launch Online Update

Update via Email or Postal Mail

If you want to send an email or mail an address correction or update, then please send the following information:

Tribal name
Troop number when you entered the Tribe *
Current Troop *
Any other Troop you have been registered with while a Tribesman. *
Old address
New address
Home Phone
Mobile Phone
Work Phone
Primary Email Address
Secondary Email Address
Date of Birth
BSA National Member Id

* = For troop numbers, please provide the four digit number for HOAC troops. If you are in a Missouri troop, the troop number will begin with 1 for a boy troop or 7 for a girl troop. If you are a Kansas troop, the troop number will begin with 0 for a boy troop or 6 for a girl troop. For example: 1201, 7220, 0282, 6059.

If the troop is not a Heart of America Council troop, enter your troop number and then enter in your 2 letter state abbreviation. For example, if you are in Troop 218 in Oklahoma, you would enter in "218 OK". Please separate each troop number with a comma. For example: 1201, 0282, 1312.

This may be sent via e-mail to the Tribal Recorder ( or to the following address:

Tribal Recorder
Tribe of Micosay
Heart of America Council, B.S.A.
10210 Holmes Road
Kansas City, MO 64131-4212