Iron Horse District Activities and Camping

Iron Horse District 2023 Events Calendar

Cub Scout Shoot-out July 22, 2023   Archery, BBs for Cub Scouting.  Sign up starting June 2023
Fishing Derby
July 29, 2023
A fishing event for all aged scouts.  Sign up starting June 2023
August 26, 2023
Alisha Harding
This is a free event for all Cub Scouts.  Sign up starting July 2023
Cub Scout Family Campout September 22-23, 2023   Family cub scout camping and activities.  Sign up starting August 2023.
Webelos Adventure Weekend September 22-24, 2023  

A Webelos Adventure at Bartle Scout Reservation.  


Scout Camporee Fall 2023   Details to come.
Webelos Walkabout October 7, 2023 Jeff Wandtke Details to come.
Merit Badge Forum January 27, 2024 and February 3, 2024 Doug Machamer Details and sign up to come. 
District Dinner February 2024    
District Pinewood Derby 2024 March 30, 2024   Details and sign up to come

Community Service - Scouting's Journey to Excellence

Community Service is an important part of Scouting.  Through community service, we promote better citizenship in our members.  The BSA Journey to Excellence program helps units include that as part of a well-rounded unit program.  For more information about community service, using the Journey to Excellence website to reflect your commitment to community service, and learn about community service opportunities, go to HOAC Community Service.

All District Award Nomination Forms

District Award of Merit

Silent Service Award

Scout Spirit Award

Outstanding Committee Chair Award

Outstanding COR Award

Exceptional Scoutmaster Award

Exceptional Cubmaster Award

Dedicated Den Leader Award

Can-Do Committee Award

All Star Assistant Scoutmaster

All Star Assistant Cubmaster


Venturing Activity Information

Iron Horse District is proud to welcome any and all of the Venturing Crews in our district to participate in any of the activities offered by the district.  Whether your Crew wants to participate in the program or help staff any of our events, appropriate programming for Venturers is offered as part of these activities.

The Heart of America Council offers activities for Venturing Crews at the council level in addition to district programming.  For more about the activities and events for Venturing Crews at the council level, please visit HOAC Venturing.  In addition to council activities, the Venturing Officer's Association operates at the Council level to provide youth leadership roles in planning and executing the direction of Venturing activities on the council level.

Camp Promo Teams   Day Camp   Bear Camp   Webelos Camp

Bartle   Naish   Rotary Camp   STEM Camps

Adventure Weekends   Florida Sea Base   Philmont   Northern Tier

The Summit   Order of the Arrow   Mic-O-Say   Summer Camp Staff  

Bill O'Connor
IH Camping Chair

Camp Promotion Teams

A key task of the Camping Committee is to provide information about the positive impact of camping on your unit program.  Of course, we want every unit in our district to camp and we want to see all of them camp at one of council camps as part of their resident camping program!  To help share information about our camping programs and the benefits of camping on your unit program, you will soon have the ability to schedule a Camp Promotion Presentation for your unit.

We are in the process of assembling Cub Scout and Scouts BSA Camp Promotion Teams who will be prepared to visit your unit to share more information about our camp programs and how to take advantage of these experiences.  Surveys continually affirm that units who have youth and adults attend camp have better programs, gain ideas from other people and have more fun in Scouting than those that do not camp as part of their program!

Look forward to having one of these Camp Promotion Teams visit your unit soon!

Day Camp

Iron Horse District offers a Day Camp program each summer that is available to all Cub Scouts!  Please visit our dedicated Day Camp page for details on Day Camp!

Cub Scout Resident Camp

Scouts BSA Resident Camp

Supplemental Camps

  • STEM - A new area of camps for the Heart of America Council include camps for Scouts of all ages and in all our programs.  HOAC is currently offering a STEM Day Camp for Cub Scouts, Webelos STEM @ Bartle, and a one-week Bartle STEM Camp in the summer for Scouts BSA and Venturers.  STEM Camping information can be found by clicking HERE!
  • Adventure Weekends - Weekend camping at Naish Scout Reservation the provides flexible programming for your Troop or Crew.  Program features include Shooting Sports, COPE activities, varied merit badge programs, Climbing Tower programs, and more!  Adventure Weekend information can be found by clicking HERE!

High Adventure Camps

Order of the Arrow

At the local level, Tamegonit Lodge operates within the Heart of America Council to support Scouting throughout the council. The lodge is divided into Chapters, which match the geographic district boundaries of the Council.  The Chapter is led by a youth Chapter Chief and advised by an adult Chapter Advisor. Our Chapter Chief is Simon and his Advisor is Marty Fahncke. To contact the Chapter leaders, we ask that you call or email Marty, whose contact information can be found on the IH District Leadership Page.

Our Chapter is available to the units of Iron Horse District to support many different programs.  Among the programs they help support include Troop & Crew OA Elections, Callout Ceremonies to announce those elected or nominated to the Order of the Arrow, and staffing various district activities and events.  If you would like to take advantage of any of the programs the OA conducts to support your program, please feel free to contact the OA Chapter:

Additional information about the Order of the Arrow and Tamegonit Lodge can be found by clicking HERE!


Mic-O-Say serves as a leadership enhancement program of the Heart of America Council designed to help the Heart of America Council fulfill its mission of preparing the young people of Eastern Kansas and Western Missouri to make ethical choices over their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Scout Law.

Mic-O-Say accomplishes its purposes by affording members ongoing opportunities for introspection on Scouting values as well as practical application of those ideals. The program is focused on Scouts who have shown leadership abilities through specific achievement and growth, and provides them with a distinctive lifelong direction. The program is energized by memorable customs and traditions.

Tribesmen who have embraced the principles of Mic-O-Say will find their lives enriched by a vision raised to higher sights, see their performance increased beyond previous limitations, and will develop lifelong friendships. They will stand tall within their communities as examples of unselfish service and of willing leadership.

Additional information about Mic-O-Say can be found by clicking HERE!

Summer Camp Staff

Each summer, all of the HOAC Resident Camps offer staff positions, paid and volunteer, for youth and adults.  Paid positions are available to individuals 15 years of age and up.  HOAC offers a limited Counselor-in-Training program at Naish Scout Reservation for 14 year-old youth.  There are volunteer Camp Commissioner positions and other volunteer roles available to adults throughout the summer camp season as well.  To learn more about summer camp staff or to apply for summer camp staff, click HERE!