Blue Elk District Leadership

Blue Elk District Key 3

The District Key 3 consists of the District Chair, District Commissioner, and District Executive/District Director. They meet as often as necessary to ensure proper coordination of the work of the district (probably twice a month for about an hour). The district’s purpose is to support units to ensure that our youth members get the best possible Scouting experience in the safest possible environment. The best way to ensure this is to make sure that all units show continuous improvement in Journey to Excellence. The District Key 3 also keep in close telephone contact throughout the month and usually work together in building the agenda for the district committee meeting.

For more information on the responsibilities of the District Key 3, click here.

James_Van Biber, III
Blue Elk District

James Van Biber, III

District Chairman

(816) 210-2495
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Blue Elk District

Patrick Liang

District Commissioner

(816) 872-9303
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Blue Elk District

Jason Bledsoe

District Director

(816) 569-4984
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Vice Chairs

Blue Elk District

Chris Bradshaw

Vice Chair - Operations

(816) 838-2183
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Blue Elk District

David Hinkley

Vice Chair - Program

(816) 590-4127
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Blue Elk District

Shawn Meyer

Vice Chair - Finance

(660) 909-3851
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Blue Elk District Committee

Committee members are selected by the District Chair, in consultation with the District Commissioner and District Director/Executive and with the approval of the district committee. They are registered as district members at large. The District Committee is responsible for all planning, development, finance, program, and unit support for the entire District.

David _Wildschuetz
Blue Elk District

David Wildschuetz

Roundtable Commissioner

(816) 813-2885
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Dan _Ayers
Blue Elk District

Dan Ayers

Scout Roundtable Commissioner

(816) 547 5975
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Blue Elk District

Kenn Naylor

Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner

(816) 797-1559
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Blue Elk District

Greg Dowell

Venturing Roundtable Commissioner

(816) 815-0140
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Blue Elk District

Marlene Curtis

Activities Chair

(816) 215-8180
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Blue Elk District

Phillip Davis

Advancement Chair

(816) 565-0281
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Blue Elk District

Dwight Fowler

Camping Chair

(816) 225-5904
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Blue Elk District

Danielle Dupree

Community Relations Chair

(816) 569-4984
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Blue Elk District

David Harris

Community Service Coordinator

(816) 569-4984
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Blue Elk District

Jody Fails

Cub Scout Advancement

(816) 569-4984
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Blue Elk District

Craig Jones

District Eagle Advisor

(816) 254-1013
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Blue Elk District

Chris Gross

Membership Chair

(816) 516-9540
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Blue Elk District

Doug Yancey

Micosay Memorial Services

(816) 695-7181
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Blue Elk District

Darren Coffman

OA Chapter Advisor

(816) 716 6517
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Blue Elk District

Kandi Matthews

Popcorn Kernel

(816) 710-4100
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Blue Elk District

Michelle Fowler

Religious Emblems Coordinator

(816) 569-4984
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Blue Elk District

Tim Gorsline

Risk Management Chair

(913) 660-2988
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Blue Elk District

Stacia DeHaan

Special Needs Chair

(816) 210-4043
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Blue Elk District

Melanie Horrell

Special Needs Chair

(816) 229-7370
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Blue Elk District

Doug Yancey

Training Chair

(816) 695-7181
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Blue Elk District

Jeff Newhard

Webelos to Scout Transition

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