Kaw District Leadership

Kaw District Key 3

District Executive Janell Neal   janell.neal@scouting.org
District Chairman Travis Dale   travis@statetractor.com
District Commissioner Vacant    

Kaw District Leadership

Vice Chair of Finance Brad Conrad (913) 952-0391 bradconrad@gmail.com
Vice Chair of Membership Andrew Conrad (913) 775-3790 andrew.s.conrad@gmail.com
Vice Chair of Program Doug Darling (913) 350-7394 douglas.a.darling3@gmail.com
Activities Chairman Jimmy White (913) 981-3527 jimmy.white@kc.rr.com
Advancement Chairman Warren Minear (913) 449-7348 warren.minear@gmail.com
Boy Scout Roundtable Ken Leische (913) 201-6988 ken.liesche@jocogov.org
Cub Scout Roundtable Glenda Noell (913) 727-2966 gsnoell@hotmail.com
Roundtable ADC Vacant    
Membership Chairman Andrew Conrad (913) 240-8778


Camping Chair Rick Dembowski (913) 240-7672 rick.dembowski@gmail.com
   Day Camp Director Bill Price (816) 853-6361 b.p.greenmanfarm@gmail.com
   Day Camp Program Director Keren Provost (858) 205-8839 kerentp2009@gmail.com
OA Advisor Joe Krebs, Jr. (270) 498-1192 joeinfntry@yahoo.com
Popcorn Chairman Vacant  
Public Relations Holly Pittman    
Risk Management Vacant    
Relationships Vacant    
Special Needs Chair Nancy Henre (913) 416-8714 henre@att.net
STEM Chair Bill Price (816) 853-6361 b.p.greenmanfarm@gmail.com
Training Chairman Mike Henre (913) 416-8361 mikehenresr@gmail.com
Youth Protection Vacant