Why re-chartering now will impact the future of Scouting

All charters due October 31

Why re-chartering now will impact the future of Scouting

Re-charter season is in the homestretch. In fact, the deadline to submit all council re-charter paperwork is October 31. But this year without a doubt is a little different than most. The ongoing pandemic has forced us all to be prepared for any situation and that includes how to continue the adventure of Scouting in our neighborhoods and towns.

As Scouts it's our duty to be prepared and our council continues to innovate with virtual programs and experiences to ensure that Scouting continues to thrive in Kansas City and beyond. We have made significant investments in items like training and personal protective equipment so we could offer a safe outdoor experience and return a sense of normalcy to more than 6,000 campers this summer.  

Right now is a critical time for Scouting and this year's re-charter will set the stage for all of 2021.

A successful re-charter this month allows us to plan for the future and budget for essential services like insurance coverage and camp enhancements. But even though we are prepared, our council is still anticipating a significant budget shortfall for this year.  

How you can help is simple. Help us meet the October 31st deadline and help us re-charter every single unit, Scout and volunteer possible.

New resources like ScoutPay is also making it easier than ever for families to continue the Scouting adventure and submit membership dues on their schedule.

We'll also be holding a special re-charter turn-in at the Council Service Center on Saturday, October 31st from 9:00am - noon staffed with experts to help answer your questions. 

Sure Scouting may look a little different than what we're used to, but the lessons learned are life changing. Now, more than ever, families are looking for ways to explore something new. Scouting provides that unique opportunity to keep their kids active with endless activities and values to prepare them for life.


What is rechartering?
When your unit recharters, you report to the Heart of America Council who is “in” for the coming year: both existing members, youth and adult, and new members. This is also when all youth and adult members renew their membership in the BSA. The recharter process give a unit the opportunity to determine changes to key unit leadership positions if there are any.


What is a charter?

The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) issues a charter through a local council to a Chartered Organization (church or other organization that hosts the unit). The charter is a formal agreement allowing that organization to use the Scouting program to serve youth in its community. BSA requires that the charter be renewed annually to continue using the program. We call that annual renewal “recharter”.


When do I need to have my charter renewal finished?

The deadline to have recharter paperwork submitted to our council office is October 31, 2020. This provides ample time for our Registrar to review the submission and ensure it is ready to process. A quick and efficient completion depends on your unit’s ability to gather information and fees quickly, gather signatures, and turn everything in.


To successfully complete the recharter process, your unit needs to:

  1. Gather necessary information on youth and adult members
  2. Gather membership applications (youth and adults) and verification of Youth Protection Training and Background Check Authorizations (adults only)
  3. Enter the information through the BSA’s Internet Charter Renewal website
  4. Print your charter renewal documents from the Internet Charter Renewal, review those documents with your Unit Commissioner, then submit the “Unit Charter Renewal Report Package” to our council office.


What if I don’t get the charter renewal in by October 31st?

Units with late charters suffer a number of problems. First, their unit is no longer covered by BSA insurance. This means that your leaders could be liable in the event of an accident. Second, youth advancements cannot be recorded through the national office of the Boy Scouts of America. Third, magazine subscriptions of Boys’ Life and Scouting will lapse (and it takes a full two months for these periodicals to resume their circulation to your home).

We're here to help. Contact your District Professional for help with your unit recharter or visit our Internet Rechartering website for more resources.