Stories of Success: Selling Popcorn

With a little determination and creativity, success is possible.

Stories of Success: Selling Popcorn

Scouts have taken advantage of the beautiful weather over the past several weekends in Kansas City and have set up shop at grocery stores, gone door to door, and continued to sell popcorn virtually in hopes to make one last push before final popcorn orders are due.

This year our virtual popcorn sales are going through the roof. With the Trails End app and the online store, it’s easier than ever before to share your sale across social media platforms, and our Scouts have had huge success doing just that.

Sara and Ryan out of Pack 3597 have had success with selling popcorn that we’d like to share. They set a goal for themselves: complete the 50 states challenge before the popcorn sale ended.

Sara and Ryan both created videos where they talked about why they love Scouting and all the great programs they get to participate in because of it. Their parents then shared that message and the Scouts goal with their friends and family on their Facebook page and soon the orders started poring in. They used our interactive map and posted updates on Sara and Ryan’s sale throughout the week. In just 5 days, they completed the 50 states challenge and sold over $3,500 in popcorn.

Sara and Ryan’s method:

  1. Create a video explaining why you love Scouting and how selling popcorn benefits Scouting Programs in Kansas City
  2. Share your video across your social media platforms to get the word out about your sale
  3. Use our interactive map and provide updates on how the sale is going
  4. Tag friends and family who have yet to buy popcorn and publicly thank those who have bought
  5. Be sure to mention free shipping on orders over $30
  6. Sell a ton of popcorn

Sara and Ryan, along with Scouts across Kansas City, have shown us that success is possible with just a little determination and creativity.

This year we have more reasons to sell. Not only do you get to help fund your Scouting programs, we are also giving away a ton of prizes for those Scouts who go above and beyond with their popcorn sale!

50 States Challenge

We’ve seen an increase in sales across the country with virtual sales. The first 5 Scouts who complete the 50 States challenge, or selling popcorn in all 50 States, will receive a $250 Amazon Gift Card and be recognized on the field at the 2021 Scout Day at the K. We still have a few spots open so don’t miss out on this opportunity.

Trails End Poppin’ Across the USA

Trails End is also helping recognize Scouts who sell popcorn across the country. Scouts who sell popcorn in 25 States they will receive a $50 Amazon Gift Card and Scouts who sell in all 50 States will get a $150 Amazon Gift Card. This sale runs through October 15, 6:59PM CST.

Chiefs Challenge

It’s no surprise that this year’s top seller so far is our new Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl Champions tin. Now, we’re helping Scouts up their sales game by getting them to the game. The Scout who sells the most Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl Champions tins by November 1 will receive 2 FREE tickets to a mutually agreed upon Chiefs home game this season! 

Big Winner Dinner

As one of our most popular events, the Big Winner Dinner recognizes the top 100 popcorn sellers in the Council. There is still time to claim your spot and get recognized for your selling efforts!

From weekly giveaways to amazon gift cards, specialty council top seller patches and more, we are offering incentives like never before, and there is still time win all of these great prizes!

We still have plenty of time to sell, so take advantage of this great fall weather, utilize your online store, and make one last push to ensure this the best year for popcorn sales yet!

Popcorn storefront and wagon sale final orders are due Monday, October 26. Online sales will continue through the end of the year.