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Families today have many options, but only Scouting provides a safe and fun atmosphere where a kid can be a kid all while preparing them to become an even better adult. Scouting is not only an investment in your child, but it's also building a better Kansas City!


How to Recharter As A Unit

All units will need to recharter using the Internet Rechartering module. Using the traditional recharter model, the unit will collect all fees from families.

How it works: A representative from each unit will be identified as the renewal processor. This individual will use the Internet Charter Renewal system to identify returning members, add new members, and update information for an individual.

To renew your unit charter on-line:

  • The Key-3 of each unit will receive their access code by email
  • They or designee will then complete the rechartering process
  • Print recharter paperwork, if necessary. If you complete your recharter using electronic signatures and payment, it is not necessary to print, but you will need to notify your District Executive.
  • Obtain signature of Unit Leader & Executive Officer, only if you chose not to complete the electronic signatures.
  • Submit charter paperwork, member applications, correct fees (one check) or unit account authorization, and any other District specific items to your District Executive. 
  • If families are using ScoutPay, be sure to include the receipt from each participating member before submitting recharter in person to Council Service Center.


Rechartering Resources: 


Using the new ScoutPay option, families will login and pay for their yearly Scouting membership individually.

ScoutPay is is a convenient and easy way to enjoy the Scouting adventure and manage your yearly membership dues. Now for new and returning members, make a one-time payment or spread out payments over 2,3, or even 4 months!

*Upon completion, submit receipt along with your application to your unit leadership in order to be included in your 2021-2022 recharter.

Enroll in ScoutPay

Exploring Recharter Resources

Explorer Renewal is a web-based software application designed to make the renewal process more efficient and accurate for Explorer Posts. This is only available to Explorer adult leaders who serve in the positions of Post committee chairman, committee member, Explorer advisor, associate advisor, Sponsor or associate sponsor.

Exploring Recharter Resources: