Shawnee Trails District Membership


Cub Scout School Night

This is the largest annual recruitment campaign that each district and council conducts. Cub Scouts is the entry point for almost every family in the Scouting program, so it is important that everyone plays a role in this campaign. There is a role that every youth and adult in every Pack, Troop, and Crew can play to bring new families into Scouting. Later this spring, more resources will be available to help you plan and execute your School Night program. 

Scouts and their families can join the adventure of Scouting at your local elementary school! Visit to sign up now and for more information!

For more information contact:

Jason & Robin Parker
District Cub Scout Recruitment Co-Chairs
(816) 935-7065

Webelos Transition

Webelos Den Leaders, Cubmasters, Scoutmasters, and Unit Commissioners all play a key role in Webelos to Scout Transition. Your goal should be to cross over 100% of your Webelos to a Boy Scout Troop. For help with transitioning Webelos to a Boy Scout Troop, whether you are a Webelos Den Leader looking for Boy Scout resources or a Boy Scout leader looking to offer your troop events to Webelos Dens, please contact Paul Rieger for resources on Webelos transition. 

Cub Scout Spring Recruitment

This annual campaign in March through May encourages Cub Scout Packs to conduct a recruitment effort in the spring. While this effort many not be as formal as the School Night program, any Pack that is conducting a Spring Recruitment should promote a Pack event for new potential Cub Scouts to visit and sign-up at, and be able to host these new Cub Scouts at scheduled monthly Pack events in the summer such as a swim party, fishing derby, family picnic, Scout Night at sports events, or other pack events. For more information on Spring Recruitment, contact Jason Parker. Jason can help your Pack plan a recruitment event and coordinate support material such as flyers or postcards to help promote your recruitment event. 

Boy Scout Troop Open House

Most Boy Scouts come from Webelos. However, many Boy Scout Troops also recruit youth that were not Cub Scouts or who were once Cub Scouts. They put on Open House events to recruit these youth into Boy Scouting. Use some of these resources for your Troop as you plan your Troop Open House!

Venturing Crew Open House

There are some great resources available to your Venturing Crew to help put together an Open House to try to grow your Crew's youth participation. We are available to help you with ordering or printing material for your event or identifying volunteers to help you out with your Open House if needed!

New Units

New units are an important part of growing Scouting in our community. New units provide additional opportunities for young people to join Scouting. There are organizations that are always looking at ways to involve youth in their program and promote long-term participation in their organizational aims and goals. Organizations like churches, civic clubs, education alliances, or other types of organizations which are willing to use Scouting to further their aims and values and conduct the Scouting program consistent with the BSA rules, regulations, and policies should be always pursued to try to start a Scouting unit.


Rechartering is a yearly process that each unit must do to renew its partnership with the BSA. This is a key part of the membership cycle and ensures the continuity of Scouting units in the community to provide the opportunity of Scouting to all youth who want to participate in the program. The Commissioners play a key role in the recharter process. Additional details on rechartering can be found on the council site here.

For Units

Learn how to enter your unit's information, set up online registration, and more, on the Be A Scout Website.


Mike Blinn

Vice-Chair of Membership

Shawnee Trails District