Recruitment season is here and there’s no doubt that your recruiting plans are going to look a lot different this year.

Right now, packs and troops should be planning their joining events and we're here to make them a success. These could be the traditional “at-school” joining night, a virtual recruitment event or even a neighborhood-based small gathering. The trick is to get creative and to reach out to new families anyway you can!

Ready to Recruit

All kids are invited to say, “Scout Me In,” this fall as they join the fun, adventure and character-building opportunities found in Cub Scouts.

You can now access campaign collateral like postersflierse-mail templates, videos, and a slew of fresh new photos highlighting the energy and excitement of Scouting.

"Scout Me In" Resources 


BeAScout is a online portal for prospective new families to join and find out about Scouting programs in their neighborhoods. Simply go to and type in your zip code to find the closest Scouting unit in your area.

Unit leaders should also be populating their "unit pin" in order to display the most accurate information.

Recruitment Resources

It is our job to tell the "Scouting story" and encourage prospective new families to experience all that Scouting has to offer. Please utilize the resources below to help promote your pack. 

*Contact your district professional for fliers, posters, yard signs, and custom digital fliers for social media & PeachJar


Custom Videos

Take your recruitment to the next level with a custom video message. A series of "Kid Talk" videos are now available for packs and troops. Available in "kid" and "parent" talent, videos are available in :30, :60, and :90 sec versions. These videos are a great resource for in-school, email and social media and an excellent alternative when a classroom and/or lunch talk is not feasible. 

  • Video Examples
  • Contact your district professional to request a custom video for your pack or troop

Geofenced Facebook Events

The council will be taking recruitment efforts to the next level using a resource you probably use every day. We’ll be creating geofenced Facebook events in every neighborhood that will specifically advertise your pack’s recruitment night.

The strategy is hyper-local, and it only applies to your pack in your neighborhood. The best part? This new campaign is absolutely FREE for every pack and the council will administer the entire process.

Geofencing Webinar Geofencing Overview 

  • Want to request a new geofence for a second chance recruitment or another event? Contact your district professional to get started.


Nextdoor, an app designed to connect neighborhoods and communities, allows you to create and post events online. It’s also a great way to get the word out about recruitment events, unit open houses, and other unit events.

*Nextdoor is an app for homeowners in their neighborhoods only. Unit leaders/parents should post details via their Nextdoor account. 

Parent Packet

Given to new Scouting families at School Night, the School Night packet includes everything from our newly updated Parent Orientation Guide to online payment options. (Packet contents below).

Social Media Tips & Tricks

Looking to grow your unit’s social media presence? We have a few tips and tricks for you to utilize! From content creation to social media management and more, we have the resources that can help boost your social media presence.