Commissioners College

We would like to thank everyone that attended the Inaugural

Central Region, Area 5 College of Commissioner Service!

Without you and your support of the Scouting program, we could not continue to grow and offer a premier program the young men and women that will grow to be the future of this nation!

Again, thank you for everything you do to support Scouting and the youth of America!




More Information:

Parker Lessig 
Dean of the College
(816) 453-0680

Adam Singleton
Staff Advisor
(816) 569-4950



Purpose and Objectives of the College of Commissioner Service

The purpose of the College of Commissioner Service shall be to offer commissioners of Area 5 Central Region of the Boy Scouts of America a vehicle for continuing their education through advanced learning experiences in unit service. The College's objectives are to help commissioners expand their skills beyond those of Commissioner Basic Training and to expand the unit service philosophy. The goal of this experience shall be to promote the increased effectiveness of the individual commissioner.

This ongoing training opportunity will benefit new Commissioners and experienced Unit Commissioners.  Any adult leader that is curious about the numerous resources available in the Scouting movement is invited to attend.

Degree and Learning Opportunities

  1. Associate's Degree (inlcudes Commissioner Basic Training) — The beginning of the Commissioner experience.
  2. Continuing Education (C.Ed) — Continues the educational, expanding knowledge to increase the effectiveness of unit service. Special course for New District Commissioners and Assisant District commissioners
  3. Bachelors (B.C.S.) — An entry-level program for Commissioners who have completed basic commissioner training.
  4. Masters (M.C.S.) — Offers advanced problem solving and administrative skill instruction.
  5. Doctorate — A two year program (D.C.S.) — Challenges candidates to identify, develop, and present a project or service concept to a panel of their peers.
  6. Bachelors of Roundtable Service — For Cub Scout, Boy Scout, and Venturing Roundtable Commissioners and their staffs to design new approaches to make Roundtables "can't miss events."
  7. Masters of Roundtable Service — This course involves advanced practices on how the Roundtable Commissioner effectively fills his/her role.
  8. Doctorate of Roundtable Service — The two year doctorate program with a Roundtable emphasis.
  9. Special Seminar Conferences. Topics of interest where the participants will come up with solutions to issues in Scouting.

Other Commissioner Resources