The new Scout Saver Cards (previously known as Camp Cards) will be available for pickup at the Council Office, or your District Roundtable February 3-8.


What's A Scout Saver Card?

Previously known as a Camp Card, The Heart of America Council Scout Saver is a way for Scouts and Scouters to fund adventures to summer camp and beyond. Each Scout Saver card costs only $5 and includes exclusive offers from Kansas City area retailers. Participants will earn $2.50 for every card they sell.

Why Sell Scout Saver Cards?

The Scout Saver program is easy and risk free. There is no upfront cost for cards; simply check out cards from your District Professional or from the Council Office.  Any unsold cards can be returned at no charge on or before April 8, 2020.  For each card not returned to the Council, pay the Council $2.50, by the same April 8 deadline.  It really is that easy!

2020 Scout Saver Card Partners

The following deals will be included on the 2020 Scout Saver card.

Single Use Offers:

Multiple Use Offers:

Not sure whether these vendors are in your area? Click on the vendor's name for a link to their store locations.

When is the Sale?

The 2020 Scout Saver Sale will begin the first full week of February (February 3-8).  During that time there will be three ways to get your cards:

  • Pick up at your District Roundtable
  • Coordinate delivery through your District Professional 
  • Pick up at the Council Office during normal business hours AND Saturday 9:00am-4:00pm

The Sale will end the first week April (April 2-8).  During that time there will be two ways to turn in unsold cards and the money due to the Council:

  • At your District Roundtable
  • At the Council Office (in the downstairs conference room) during normal business hours AND Saturday 9:00am-4:00pm

Note that April 2 is the Thursday Roundtable night, and April 7 is the Tuesday Roundtable night.  Wednesday April 8 will be the final day to turn in at the office. 

Dick's Storefront Sales

Dick's Sporting Goods has offered to have Scouts sell Scout Saver cards at their stores!!  However, with the Chief's making it to the Super Bowl, they have asked us to wait until after the Super Bowl to sign units up.

Council Staff will be meeting with Dick's Sporting Goods as soon as possible after the Super Bowl to get everything set up.  Check back here for more details on when the store fronts will be available and how to sign up for a time slot. 

Have More Questions?

For any further questions, contact Cami Marcom. OR 816-569-4979