Preparing for Recruitment

Sharing your Sign-Up for Scouting Events

Preparing for Recruitment

Fall is right around the corner which means our units are preparing to recruit new members. And this year recruitment is more important than ever before. Families are eager to escape the great indoors and Scouting is their perfect outlet! That’s why we’ve assembled a Sign-Up for Scouting recruitment plan for our units.

Our easy-to-use recruitment plan was made with units in mind and includes a step-by-step guide, digital resources, and more to make your recruitment a success.

But before your start signing families up for Scouting, it’s important to take time and spread the word about your recruitment events!

We find that our best recruiters are our families and the Scouts themselves! That’s why we’ve compiled a number of marketing resources from social media posts to custom videos that you and your families can share. Advertising your Sign-Up for Scouting nights is a great way to get more interested families out to your event to experience the fun of Scouting!

Pack “To Do’s” before your Sign-Up for Scouting Night

  1. Design digital flyers for your recruitment nights
  2. Share your designs on social media
  3. Boost your posts to get more reach
  4. Set up your tent at your school and in your front yard
  5. Use “#escapethegreatindoors” in your posts

Prepare to make your recruitment a success this fall by checking out our full Recruitment Plan and accessing our recruitment resources.