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Design Custom Flyers


Spreading the word about your Pack’s Sign Up for Scouting event has been made easy this recruitment season!

Now, Packs can design their own custom digital ads in seconds. Our new Digital Design Portal allows you to access our new “Escape the Great Indoors” assets to create custom pack ads to share on social media. Simply type in your recruitment information and export in JPG, PDF or PNG.

Step 1: While on our Recruitment Resources page, scroll down to point 4 “Spread the Word” and select the “Digital Design Portal” button.

Step 2: Choose whether you want to make a custom recruitment flyer or social media post.

Step 3: Select which image you want on your flyer or social media post and click “Order”.

Step 4: Begin to input your Pack’s recruitment information including the date, time, location, and Pack contact.

Step 5: Download your flyer and social media post to share on Nextdoor, Facebook, Instagram and more!

Be sure to encourage your families to share your pack’s recruitment night information with their friends and followers on their personal social media pages and be sure to use hashtag #EscapetheGreatIndoors.

Full 2021 Recruitment Plan