Popcorn Successes in 2020

2020 Top Sellers

Popcorn Successes in 2020

As we move into the new year, we want to reflect on the many successes of the 2020 popcorn sale. To say the Scouts who participated in our 2020 popcorn sale had to overcome obstacles is an understatement. The pandemic created challenges forcing our Scouts to get creative and think of non-traditional ways to sell.

Despite these challenges, our Scouts managed to find a silver lining and made a record number of online sales in 2020. Through the new Trails End app, our Scouts had the ability to sell more popcorn to relatives, friends, and fellow Scouters across the country from the comfort of their own home.

Congratulations to our Top Council Seller

Tanner G. - Pack 4315 | Spirit Trail | $18,022

Congratulations to our Top District Popcorn Sellers

Andrew G. - Pack 4138 | Blue Elk | $3,942 

Colby J. - Pack 3250 | Iron Horse | $8,140 

Billy L. - Pack 3348 | Kaw | $12,868

Kory H. - Troop 1727 | Lone Bear | $2,560 

Colton C. - Pack 4606 | North Star | $4,775 

Asher E. - Pack 3370 | Pelathe | $5,011 

Paul L. - Pack 3218 | Soaring Eagle | $6,048 

Tanner G. - Pack 4315 | Spirit Trail | $18,022 

Garrett L. - Pack 4778 | Three Trails | $2,188 

Our Scouts also had the opportunity to participate in several challenges throughout the year including our 50 State Challenge, the Chiefs Challenge, and our Popcorn Prize Patrol. Through these competitions and challenges, Scouts won countless gift cards, a few Nintendo Switch’s, Chiefs tickets, and even a PlayStation 5.

Not only were our Scouts selling popcorn at record levels online, the Heart of America Council saw success through the popcorn sale nationally in 2020 by ranking seventh in the country.

The celebration of the 2020 Popcorn Season will conclude with the Top Pop Celebration which is scheduled for March 2021. Our council's top sellers will receive an exclusive invite to be recognized for their outstanding efforts.

Scouts in Kansas City were prepared for adversity and embraced the challenge COVID-19 presented. Our success in the popcorn sale was because of the hard work of those Scouts, their families, and our dedicated volunteers! Thank you for all your hard work! We are looking forward to an even better popcorn season in 2021!