Tamegonit Lodge Dance Team Performances and Service

The Tamegonit Lodge Dance Team has performed for many different groups in Scouting for its existence as a Team.  In addition to the performances the Dance Team does for the many Order of the Arrow functions they serve, the Dance Team is available for events ranging from Pack Blue and Gold's to District Activities to Bear Camp.  The Dance Team is willing to work with anyone to make a performance available to Scouts!

The members of the Dance Team provide these performances free of charge, donating their time and talents to those that schedule a visit from the Dance Team.  Members of the Dance Team have donated tens of thousands of hours of performance time to enhance your programs!

The Dance Team is one of the most active and visible committees within the lodge.  Though there are many members on the Dance Team, there is always room for more young men interested in participating on the Dance Team.  To get involved, contact Sharon Mitchell, Tamegonit Lodge Dance Team Adviser, to share your interest in becoming involved in the Dance Team.

Away from performances, the Dance Team constructs and/or repairs its own attire and practices on a regular basis to learn the dances and improve our performances.  There is a strong group of youth and adults who support the Dance Team and we look forward to your becoming one of the members of the Tamegonit Lodge Dance Team!

Scheduling Performances

If you know a group that would like for us to come perform please send them our contact the Dance Team Adviser, Sharon Mitchell at 913-327-5429 or sktmitchell@yahoo.com.

When contacting us to perform, please provide the following information requested in your email.  When you click on Sharon's email address in this section, these items will appear in the body of your email.  Provide as much information as you know so the Dance Team is fully prepared to provide your group with the best possible performance!

  • Group Requesting (Pack, Troop, Crew, District, Camp, etc)
  • Group Contact Name
  • Group Contact Home Phone
  • Group Contact Cell Phone
  • Group Contact Email Address
  • Event Date
  • Event Location (facility name and address)
  • Type of Facility (Cafeteria, Gym, Park, Pavilion, etc)
  • Dance Performance Space (Stage, Floor, amount of square feet, etc)
  • Available space for Changing into and out of attire (Greenroom, bathroom, classrooms, etc)
  • Event Start Time
  • Expected Dance Team Performance Time at the Event

Dance Team Coup requirements

To earn the Dance Team Coup, these requirements must be completed:

  • Minimum of one year on dance team roster.
  • Perform at 8 Lodge events during a 2 year period (can be completed in one year):
    • OA Winter Banquet
    • Section Conclave
    • Chapter Call Outs
    • Spring, Summer and Fall Inductions
    • Fall Fellowship
  • Participate in 50% of practices within a 2 year period.
  • Participate in 50% of the dance team events in any one year:
    • Webelos Cross-Over's
    • Cub Scout Campouts / Pack Meetings
    • Blue & Gold Ceremonies
    • District Camporee
    • Courts of Honor
    • Cub Scout Day Camp
    • Attire Building Sessions
  • Make at least one personal item of attire.

The Dance Team Chair is responsible for ensuring all Dance Team Coup records are tracked.