Kansas Scout to Earn Top Awards in Every Program

Eagle Scout, Summit and Quartermaster

Kansas Scout to Earn Top Awards in Every Program

What started as a near impossible feat will culminate in a rare achievement later this month for a Shawnee, Kansas Scout. Ever since she could remember, Savanah H. wanted to be a Scout. Now, she will join an extremely elite class of Scouts to earn the top awards in every program – Eagle Scout (Scouts BSA), Summit (Venturing) and Quartermaster (Sea Scouts).

Proudly representing Troop 6064, Crew 2059 and Ship 7007, Savanah will be presented all three awards at a special Court of Honor on Saturday, March 30 at Chapel Oaks Church in Shawnee, KS.

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Even more impressive, Savanah’s Scouting journey began only five years ago in 2019 when girls were first eligible for membership in Scouts BSA. She got her first glimpse of Scouting because of her older brother and got to witness all the fun things he got to do or how he almost exploded a camp stove. And once February 1, 2019 rolled around, it was finally her turn.

From the moment she was able to join, Savanah was determined to start learning...and earning. The night of her very first troop meeting, Savanah along with other girls in her troop, would not leave until they completed every requirement to earn their Scout rank. After that, the rest was history.

Savanah would later join Venturing Crew 2059 and Sea Scout Ship 7007. Immediately she inquired about what it would take to earn her Eagle, Summit and Quartermaster Awards. While some may have thought the feat was impossible, Savanah was determined to accomplish what others said would be almost unattainable.

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“Right after Scouting opened up to females there were some that questioned if we belonged. It wasn’t always easy, but Scouting tested my strength and durability. It showed me that I should help others, be kind and courteous, and to treat everyone equally. It’s true that the world isn’t perfect or fair, but I like to think that I can make Scouting better for those Scouts that are in the program after me.”

Determined to set a prime example for other Scouts, Savanah would go on to earn every merit badge possible, attend five different summer camps (staffing at two of them) and attend three BSA High Adventure Bases – Philmont, The Summit and Northern Tier.

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In total, Savanah has earned more than 120 Scouting awards. She has spent more than 250 nights camping, has hiked over 300 miles, biked more than 400 miles, contributed more than 200 community service hours and provided more than 650 conservation service hours.

Scouting has taught Savanah perseverance and has instilled in her the determination to accomplish anything. When asked what she learned most from Scouting, Savanah replied:

"Scouting is what real leadership really looks like. It's not just telling people what to do, but working with them towards a common goal.  Working as a team accomplishes more.”

Congratulations to Savanah on this rare accomplishment and for being an example that all Scouts can learn from.