HOAC Staff Promotions

Better Serving Our Members

HOAC Staff Promotions

As we look towards the new year, we are excited to announce a number of promotions and new assignments for some of our professional staff members. Congratulations in your new role and we look forward to a great 2021 under your leadership!

Tanner Fuson | Naish Reservation Director

Tanner Fuson, the current District Director for the North Star District, has recently been promoted to serve as the Naish Reservation Director. Tanner’s experience with Rotary Camp and previous success with programing events has made him a great fit for our camping operations at Naish. Tanner has previously served the Heart of America Council as the Big Muddy District Executive and as the Golden Eagle District Director.


John Hennessey | Lone Bear District Executive

John Hennessey will serve as the District Executive of the Lone Bear District. He currently serves as the District Executive for the North Star District. John has passionately served the Heart of America Council for the last year and a half in his current role and as the District Executive of the Golden Eagle District. John is bringing a strong work ethic to the southern region of the Heart of America Council.


Jenna Bentrop | North Star District Director

Jenna Bentrop, one of the Council Program Directors, will be assuming the role of District Director of the North Star District. Jenna has a wealth of knowledge in district operations and has successfully served in several districts in the past. Her experience in working alongside our dedicated volunteers has prepared her for this role. She is well equipped to continue the growth of the Scouting program in the Northland.


Heather Martin | North Star District Executive

Heather Martin will be moving to the North Star District to serve as the District Executive. She currently serves as the District Executive for the Iron Horse District. Heather’s two and a half years of experience in professional Scouting, accompanied by her many years of volunteer experience and her passion for the program, will ensure that Scouting north of the river will continue to thrive.


Brandon Gawel | Kaw District Director

Brandon Gawel has been promoted to serve as the District Director of the Kaw District effective immediately. Brandon has served the volunteers in the Lone Bear District since March of 2019. A seasoned Scouter, Brandon is prepared to serve alongside Matt Thoman in the northwestern region of our Council. He has also taken on the role of Lodge Staff Adviser for the Tamegonit Lodge.


Congratulations again and good luck in your new Scouting roles. The majority of these staffing changes will take effect beginning January 1, 2020.