Getting Creative with your Recruiting Strategy

Recruiting During a Pandemic

Getting Creative with your Recruiting Strategy

Recruitment season is here and there’s no doubt your joining strategy has changed and probably looks a lot different than before. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find new and unique ways to invite families to join the fun of Scouting. With the challenges faced by COVID-19, our packs, troops, and crews are innovating, updating and creating brand new recruitment strategies. We’ve talked to some of our units and here are some resources you can use right now to enhance your recruitment efforts.

The Great Outdoors

Being active in an outdoor setting is what Scouting is all about. Now, more than ever, families are looking for an excuse to get out of the house and do something fun. Emphasize the outdoor distanced meetings and activities, campouts, and programs that your unit hosts.

Scouting not only provides activities for the whole family to get involved with but it is a safe place for Scouts to interact with each other and learn new skills.

Digital Recruitment is Key

Units are facing challenges trying to recruit Scouts during the pandemic, but digital recruiting and digital events can help with your efforts. The council has provided several resources for your pack, troop, or crew including custom digital flyers and videos, tips to market your unit recruitment on Nextdoor and FREE Facebook geofencing.

You can request all of these resources through your district professional and find more on our Pack Recruitment Resources website.

It is also key to update your unit’s BeAScout pin, all unit social media accounts, and your unit website so families interested in Scouting can find out how to get involved.

Scouting with Friends

It’s no secret that our Scouts are the best resource we have when it comes to recruitment. They know kids in their school, neighborhood and friend group who are not yet involved in Scouting. Host a unit open house and encourage your Scouts to invite their friends and classmates so they can see what Scouting is all about!

Plus, if a Scout in your unit recruits a friend to join both they and their friend will receive this specialty recruiter patch to add to their collection. 

Recruitment 365

It’s important to remember that prospective Scouts can join your unit anytime of the year. Most units focus their recruitment efforts toward school nights and unit open houses in the fall and with good reason. But with recruitment looking a bit different this year, it is important that your unit keeps an eye out for potential families who are looking to get involved throughout the year. You unit might consider hosting an open house in the winter or spring so families can meet your pack, troop, or crew and learn more about Scouting.

Remember, there is never a bad time for a prospective Scout and their family to join your pack, troop, or crew.

Recruitment this year is a grass-roots effort. It is going to take all of us to ensure more families can experience Scouting in Kansas City. Share with us ways your unit has been successful and lessons you’ve learned from your recruitment this fall.