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Response to the U.S. Supreme Court Ruling on the Boy Scouts - By the Greater Kansas City United Way

On June 28, 2000, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the Boy Scouts of America is a private social organization and not a public entity. As such, the Boy Scouts retain the right to set certain rules for membership.

The Greater Kansas City United Way policy prohibits United Way funded agencies from discriminating on the basis of race, religion, age, sex, national origin, and disability. Our policy mirrors federal non-discrimination law. The local Heart of America Council of the Boy Scouts of America has been and continues to be in good standing with this United Way.

An Important goal of Scouting is youth development, an areas identified as a priority need in a recent United Way community-wide needs assessment. United Way volunteers have concluded that the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Camp Fire Boys and Girls, YMCA, Boys and Girls Clubs and a number of local community centers all play a crucial role in reaching at-risk youth.

As with any of our funded charities, United Way cannot become involved in setting policies for the Boy Scouts of America. Each funded charity is required to maintain a board of directors that oversees the policies and business practices of the organization.

United Way implements its philosophy of non discrimination by maintaining a network of charities that embrace special constituencies and community needs which each individual charity may not address in their missions. This is the heart of the process we call Community Care.

In this manner, United Way is able to value the dignity and worth of all people, regardless of background-including sexual orientation, ethnic history and religious belief. This is accomplished by directing donor dollars to more than 150 health and human service organizations that respond to the needs of a wide variety of people in our community.

The Heart of America Council Response to the Supreme Court decision and United Way Relations

The Heart of America Council, Boy Scouts of America, is proud to inform you that the United Ways from which we have continually received support have not "defunded" this council. This council receives funds from nineteen different United Ways and the Heartland Combined Federal Campaign. The money ranges from the $350 that comes from Concordia to the $482,000 from the Greater Kansas City United Way in allocated dollars. Do not be misled by newspaper articles, email items, or internet gossip. If you have a question, call your United Way or the Council Service Center.