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Brock Guernsey
Training Chair
(913) 829-9286

Council Advancement Information

Please do not send original Eagle Scout Leadership Project packets to the district for approval. Use fax or email or copies to submit for approval by the District Advancement Committee. ALWAYS have the Eagle Scout Candidate keep the original in his possession.

Eagle Forms and Resources

NESA –National Eagle Scout Association

Twin Rivers Order of the Arrow Chapter

OA Meetings – 1st Thursday of each month at 7:00pm at the First Presbyterian Church in Paola, Kansas.

OA Chapter Chief: Chris Smith (913) 898-3506

OA Chapter Advisor: Dan Buchman (913) 244-0396

INeed information on Advancement?

Curtis Gibson
Advancement Chair
(913) 259-2568

HOAC Camping Website

Find information about:

  • Cub Scout Bear Resident Camp
  • Webelos Resident Camp
  • Boy Scout Camp at Naish & Bartle
  • Venturing Camp and Rotary Youth Camp.

Council Camps

H. Roe Bartle Scout Reservation

Theodore Naish Scout Reservation

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Youth Protection Training

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Kelly Satchell 
District Camping Chair
(913) 898-3506