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STEM in Scouting - #3

STEM Resources | Teaming with your District and Council
I’ve received more than a few emails about “where can I find this?” or “what about that?” All good questions, but it occurred to me, maybe a pointer to a few highlights and resources might be in order. I thought I’d share a few of my favorite links with you.

First, my favorite - STEM Resources. A great spot to start your journey through STEM. Along with that, the Training Link. Probably the two most heavily used links I know of. You can also check out the following link for council STEM Camping opportunities.

But enough of the links. You know who really makes the program sizzle…People! Ordinary people like you and me that have a passion for STEM. For instance, did you know that each district is working toward appointing a STEM Chair? That’s right, and that the council has top executives from some of the best companies around the metro working toward making the program the best it can be? Amazing. And all focused on one thing, getting you the resources you need. Yup, the true rock stars are in the units. Leaders working with the Scouts and surfing the edge of what is possible. So next time you get a chance, attend a district roundtable and introduce yourself. Join our team and let us know what we can do for you.

The STEM guy

National STEM Resources | STEM Camping in Kansas City