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STEM in Scouting - #2

START to SuperNova
It never ceases to amaze me. I sat in the corner of the merit badge forum with a simple robotic arm that used water for hydraulic pressure. I had a Rubik’s cube and 4 magnets. Before long, I had a crowd of young Scouts. Eager minds imagining the endless possibilities of $20 bucks worth of stuff. After class started, several unit leaders asked me “How do we get started?” My first reaction was “Simple, just commit to starting!” Let me explain.  

Units don’t have to have a staff of engineers on their roster or access to a supercomputer. You just need a few leaders that are excited about discovering the unknown, and willing to share that with the youth. No degrees, no resumes, just enthusiasm. The BSA has all the training already built. They have access to the brightest minds in the nation and can put you in touch with them to support your program. We need unit leaders willing to be counselors, much like merit badge counselors, that can make that first connection.

The Nova awards are designed to be delivered by counselors, and amazingly, it’s all about the journey. And when a Scout is ready, we have a group of mentors that can help them reach SuperNova. Just think of it. Access to some of the brightest minds in our area, and all you have to do is want to play.

The STEM guy

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