Social Media Tips & Tricks

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Social Media Tips & Tricks

In this digital age a good pack, troop, or crew social media presence is something you should have in your unit’s playbook. A unit social media page has several uses. From sharing important meeting information with your family’s to posting about recruitment events you’re hosting and even sharing the accomplishments of your Scouts, there are several ways that you can effectively utilize your unit’s social media pages.

The great part about creating and managing your unit’s social media pages is these sites (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) are intuitive and require no formal social media management experience. Another benefit is almost everyone you know probably has an account on one, or more, of these sites. The possibility of how far your content can reach and who you interact with is endless.

So, what type of content should you post on your unit’s social media pages?

Advancement Updates—Help celebrate your Scouts by sharing advancement updates with your followers

Unit Meeting Agendas—Let Scouts, their families, and your committee know what to expect at their next meeting

Recruitment Events—Share with your followers how families in your area can get involved in Scouting

Service Opportunities—Whether it’s an Eagle Scout Project or a trash pick-up, Scouts are always looking for opportunities to serve their communities

Scouting Successes—You don’t have to save the celebration for just advancement. Let your followers know about successes your Scouts have had in and out of your unit

A good unit social media presence will help keep your Scouts, their families, and other key stakeholders connected and will promote the Scouting program.

You can find more about content creation, social media management, and social media best practices with our Social Media Playbook. And make sure to follow all of BSA’s Social Media Guidelines.

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