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Community Service Hours

Community service is a key point of the Scouting program. Through community service, we promote better citizenship in our members. The BSA Journey to Excellence program helps units include that as part of a well-rounded unit program. For more information about community service, using the Journey to Excellence website to reflect your commitment to community service, and learn about community service opportunities, go to HOAC Community Service.

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Shawnee Trails District Camping Information

Day Camp

Please see the Shawnee Trails Day Camp page for the latest news and updates!

Cub Scout Resident Camp

Boy Scout Resident Camp

Supplemental Camps

  • STEM - A new area of camps for the Heart of America Council includes camps for Scouts of all ages and in all our programs. To find out more about STEM Camping and other STEM related events, including reserving the STEM trailer, check out our STEM page!

High Adventure Camps

  • Philmont Scout Ranch - Hike the most storied high adventure base the Boy Scouts offers in New Mexico! Find out more here!
  • Northern Tier - Step back in time and experience the remote wilderness of northern Minnesota and southern Ontario! Find out more here!
  • Florida Sea Base - Sail and snorkel the Caribbean waters by planning a trip to the Florida Keys! Find out more here!
  • The Summit - Zip line, whitewater, mountain bike, and more through the mountains of West Virginia! Find out more here!

Order of the Arrow

Order of the Arrow (OA) is the national honor society of the Boy Scouts of America. The mission of the Order of the Arrow is to fulfill its purpose as an integral part of the Boy Scouts of America through positive youth leadership under the guidance of selected adults. OA fulfills its mission by recognizing those that best exemplify the Scout Oath and Law in their daily lives with these additional opportunities, promoting camping as essential in every Scout's experience, further developing leaders in Scouting to use those skills in and out of Scouting, and build habits of cheerful service to others.

At the local level, Tamegonit Lodge, operates within the Heart of America Council to support Scouting throughout the council. The lodge is divided into Chapters, which match the geographic district boundaries. The Chapter is led by a youth Chapter Chief and advised by an adult Chapter Advisor. Our Chapter Advisor is Jeff Deane. To see how the Order of the Arrow Chapter can support your unit with OA Elections, program offerings, and other support please contact Jeff Deane.


The Tribe of Mic-O-Say serves as a leadership enhancement program of the Heart of America Council, designed to help the Heart of America Council fulfill its mission of preparing young people of Eastern Kansas and Western Missouri to make ethical choices over their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Scout Law.

Mic-O-Say accomplishes its purposes by affording members ongoing opportunities for introspection on Scouting values as well as practical application of those ideals. The program is focused on Scouts who have shown leadership abilities through specific achievement and growth, and provides them with a distinctive lifelong direction. The program is energized by memorable customs and traditions.

Tribesman who have embraced the principles of Mic-O-Say will find their lives enriched by a vision raised to higher sights, see their performance increased beyond previous limitations, and will develop lifelong friendships. They will stand tall within their communities as examples of unselfish service and of willing leadership. Additional information about the Tribe of Mic-O-Say can be found here!

Summer Camp Staff

Each summer, all of the Heart of America Council Resident Camps offer staff positions, paid and volunteer, for youth and adults. Paid positions are available to individuals 15 years of age and older. The Heart of America Council offers a limited Counselor-in-Training program at Naish Scout Reservation for 14 year-old youth. There are volunteer Camp Commissioner positions and other volunteer roles available for adults throughout the summer camp season as well. To learn more about summer camp staff or to apply for summer camp staff, click here!



Scott Fears

Vice-Chair of Activities

Shawnee Trails District


Mike Blinn

Vice-Chair of Camping

Shawnee Trails District