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Sharpen your Scouting skills without leaving home and begin work on a new merit badge with our new SCOUTCONNECT series.

There's no limit to how many badges you can take and each comes complete with a digital worksheet and a unique video tutorial from a subject expert!

How ScoutConnect Works

*Heart of America Council Scouts: When registering, indicate how you would like to complete the badge and we can connect you with a local counselor after completing the tutorial and worksheet.

*Out of Council Scouts: We request that you connect with a counselor in your council to complete the badge after completing the tutorial and worksheet.

Animation Merit Badge

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Get ready to explore the exciting world of animation with Jeremy Fuksa, an expert animator and editor. In this Animation Merit Badge tutorial, learn how to create animations, how animation is used to create cartoons and movies, and unlock exciting career opportunities in the field.

Animation Merit Badge Worksheet Animation Merit Badge Requirements

Additional Animation Resources: 


Genealogy Merit Badge

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Have you ever wanted to track your family history? Wait no longer. Start the Genealogy Merit Badge! The Midwest Genealogy Center will walk you through creating a family tree, identifying genealogy resources, using genealogical documents, and more!

Genealogy Merit Badge Worksheet Genealogy Merit Badge Requirements

Additional Genealogy Merit Badge Resources:

Public Health Merit Badge

Register for Public Health Merit Badge

Even though the Public Health Merit Badge has been around since the beginning, it's just as critical now as it ever has been! Lisa Osgood, a longtime registered nurse and Scouter, guides us through this Public Health Merit Badge tutorial as she discusses topics like coronavirus, healthy lifestyle choices, and more.

Public Health Badge Worksheet Public Health Merit Badge Requirements 


Journalism Merit Badge

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Breaking News: Get ready to explore the news world, freedom of speech, and the role a journalist plays in delivering reliable facts. Meet Britton Lynn, a veteran sports television broadcaster, and your expert guide in our Journalism Merit Badge tutorial.

Journalism Merit Badge Worksheet Journalism Merit Badge Requirements


Music Merit Badge

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Strike a chord and begin work on Music Merit Badge without leaving home. Mike "The Horn Doctor" Corrigan gives us a backstage look at the exciting world of sound. Learn about everything from how to write music to how instruments make sound from a Kansas City music icon. Turn up the volume...your education in music starts now!

Music Merit Badge Worksheet Music Merit Badge Requirements

Additional Music Merit Badge Resources:

American Labor Merit Badge

Register for American Labor Merit Badge

The Builders' Association is proud to bring you this American Labor Merit Badge video tutorial. Scouts will get a jump start on earning the badge and gain insight about the role of labor and management in delivering projects that shape our world.

American Labor Merit Badge Worksheet American Labor Merit Badge Requirements 


Emergency Preparedness Merit Badge

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Scouts are trained to be prepared for anything. Now more important than ever, start your path towards earning Emergency Preparedness Merit Badge wioth our trained experts and learn the actions that can be helpful and needed before, during, and after an emergency.

Emergency Prep Merit Badge Worksheet Emergency Prep Merit Badge Requirements


Law Merit Badge

Register for Law Merit Badge

From the history of law to the role of juries, attorney and Scout leader, Danny Thomas, leads our Law Merit Badge tutorial. Learn about the many facets of law and even how to explore a potential legal career. 

Law Merit Badge Worksheet Law Merit Badge Requirements Law Merit Badge PPT


Railroading Merit Badge

Register for Railroading Merit Badge

All Aboard! Join us as Andy Dubill teaches us about trains, railway systems, and gives us an inside look at his fantastic model train set. Sign up for the Railroading Merit Badge and begin the fun!

Railroading Merit Badge Worksheet Railroading Merit Badge Requirements 

More Badges Coming Soon!

We have some awesome Merit Badge Counselors working very hard to create new videos for you! Here's a short list of what's to come:

  • Art
  • Collections
  • Personal Management