Rotary Camp Staff Application


Please complete the form below to apply for a 2019 Rotary Camp Staff position. You will receive an email notification once your application has been submitted.

Applicants are not required to provide any information on this application that is prohibited by federal, state or local laws.  All applicants will be given every consideration, but its receipt does not imply that the applicant will be interviewed or employed. The Heart of America Council does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age or disability in the provision of services or employment.

Personal Information

Please enter dates in MM/DD/YYYY format.  If a question doesn't apply please enter NA.  Many fields (questions) are required and you will not be allowed to go to submit the application if the field is left blank. 

Please enter Sr. Jr. or any other suffix that may be applicable.  If you do not have a suffix in your name please leave blank.


If training has not been completed please enter NA. Training information is required and you will not be allowed to go to the next page without entering a date or NA. 

Youth Protection and Hazardous Weather trainings must be taken every 2 years. Unlawful Harassment training must be taken every year. If any of the training listed below is not up to date you must retake the training. You must provide proof every year of current training.

Youth Protection and Hazardous Weather trainings can be found on Unlawful Harassment training can be found at


Camp Information


Please check the position for which you are applying.  (check all that apply)


Department Preference

I am interested in the following departments.


Staff Experience

Please list your previous Camp Staff experience (up to three years). Include the Name of Camp, Position & Year on staff.

If this is your first year applying for Camp Staff, enter first year staff.


Submit application information to another Scout Camp within the Heart of America Council.

If you would also like to apply for or be considered for a position at Theodore Naish Scout Camp or the H Roe Bartle Scout Camp please fill out the information below. (You do not have to fill out a separate application if you fill out this information)

If applying for a Commissioner position please fill out the information below.  I would like to be considered for the following at Camp Naish.  


If applying for a Commissioner position please fill out the information below. I would like to be considered for the following at Bartle Scout Camp


Scouting History




Educational Background

Please include the name of school and year graduated. If does not apply enter NA.


Employment History


Additional Information




Council Tobacco Use Policy: Smoking or chewing tobacco is NOT allowed for any employee under 21 years of age.  Smoking or chewing tobacco by any employee under 21 will result in a notation in an employee's personnel file and could result in termination.  Use of tobacco in program areas is prohibited.  (Adult staff members agree to smoke or chew only in designated areas and not in front of those under 21 years of age, and not in any buildings. Camp Council rings and their surrounding areas and trails are also considered to be program areas.)


Please list three individuals (not relatives) who have knowledge of your character, experience and ability. By listing these references, you are giving us your permission to contact these people to speak on your behalf. If you as the applicant are under 18 years of age, one listed reference must be your Unit Leader. References must be listed before your application will be considered for evaluation.

Please include the reference name, relationship, email address and telephone number for each reference listed.


Additional Documentation

Before you can be offered a position on Camp Staff you must fill out, sign and return to the Council office an additional document (see instructions below). You can email the document to, fax to 816-942-8086 or mail in to Attn: Camping Office 10210 Holmes Kansas City, MO 64131. A link to these forms will be included in your confirmation email that is sent once your application has been received.  You can also find the forms at under Camping Resources.

  • If you are 18 or over on June 1, 2018, please fill out the Disclosure to Employment Authorization Form.
  • If you are under 18 on or before June 1, 2018, please fill out the Heart of America Camp Staff Employment Disclosure Form.

Make sure to check the box below and follow the instructions to prove you are not a robot before you hit submit. If you remain on the application page after you hit submit then your application has not been submitted. Scroll up and double check for any error messages. Once the application is submitted you will be directed to a thank you page.

If you do not hear from the Camp Director within 14 days after submitting your application, please contact Leslie Staack at to make sure your application was received.