Resuming In-Person Unit Activities

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Resuming In-Person Unit Activities

With summer just around the corner, we've heard from a lot of our units asking when and if it's ok to resume in-person meetings and campouts again. The short answer is yes, but of course with some restrictions. It's important to talk to your families, your chartered organization and to do your research ahead of time to learn what restrictions may be in place in your community.

Because each community may have different safety requirements in place, you should follow any restrictions outlined by your city, state and county. Your unit should also consult with your chartered organization as to any guidelines that must be followed before in-person meetings or activities may resume.

As always, the safety of your Scouts, leaders and parents should be your top priority. Discuss all options with your families and be safe and keep Scouting! 

For more resources on Scouting safely, review the BSA's COVID-19 FAQ.