Popcorn Sale Tips

Make Your Sale a Success in 2021

Popcorn Sale Tips

Our 2021 Popcorn Sale is underway, and we wanted to share a few ideas on how you can make your sale a success this year!

Trail’s End App and Online Direct Store

Simplify your sale this year by using the Trail’s End app and Online Direct Store. These great resources give you the ability to sell popcorn from the comfort of your own home! Plus, people who support your virtual popcorn sale will get their order shipped directly to them: that means you don’t have to handle any product!

Promote your Sale on Social Media 

Most of our Scouting parents have some sort of social media page, whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, or another platform. Harnessing the power of your personal social media to promote your Scout's popcorn fundraiser is one way of making your sale a success. We’ve seen Scouts sell thousands of dollars in popcorn in a matter of days by simply sharing their sale with their friends and followers.

One great way to engage your friends and followers across the country is by incorporating the 50 States Club challenge! Update this Interactive Map and publicly share what states your Scout has sold popcorn in. You may have friends beyond the Heart of America Council who are wanting to help your Scout reach their goal!

Continuing to share updates on the progress of your Scouts sale is a great way to keep your friends and followers in the loop. You don’t have to post every day, or even every other day, but be sure to regularly update your social media as your Scout makes progress on achieving their goal.

It’s as Simple as Sharing – Popcorn Post Ideas

  1. Create a video of your Scout explaining why they love Scouting and how selling popcorn helps fund their Scouting adventure
  2. Share your video across your social media platforms to get the word out about your sale
  3. Be sure to mention your sale goal in your video and/or post
  4. Use this Interactive Map as a visual to provide updates on how the sale is going
  5. Tag friends and family who have yet to buy popcorn and publicly thank those who have bought
  6. Sell a ton of popcorn

Visit our Popcorn Webpage for more resources including our downloadable Product Poster, Trail’s End app Quick Start Guide and more!

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