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Roundtable is a resource for all adult volunteers and occurs on the first Thursday of every month with the exception of July. Roundtable begins at 7:30. We meet at Central United Methodist Church located at 5144 Oak Street in Kansas City, MO. We would love to have you join in the fun!

Contact the Pioneer Trails Roundtable Commissioners for more information:



Need more information?

Sarah Martinez

Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner

(816) 806-4094


Ross Whitacre
Boy Scout Roundtable Commissioner
(816) 569-4964

Camping Tips of the Month

Click below for some great tips for new and experience campers. Thank you to Camping Chair Ross Whitacre for providing these helpful tips!

Backpack Adjustments

Backpack Loading

Tent Terminology

Tents and Seasonality

Tent Accessories and Other Considerations

Campsite Selection

How to Dress in Layers

How to Choose Insulation Layer

How to Choose a Base Layer

How to Choose Outerwear

How to Choose a Family/Base Camping Tent

How to Choose a Compass

How to Choose a Backpacking Tent

Winter Camping and Backpacking

Geocaching with Kids

Update Your Scouting Resume

*New - editable Scouting Resume Form.

Let the District know what you have accomplished as a leader by downloading and filling out a Scout Resume for registered adults. When completed send to Andre Sidney at 

Scouting Resume Form - Editable