Pioneer Trails District Leadership

The District Committee coordinates all the functions of the district for the purposes of organizing and supporting Centennial Quality Units, carrying out the policies and objectives of the Heart of America Council, and extending the program to the greatest number of youth.

District Committee

District Chairman Keith Cordier (816) 806-7281
District Vice Chairman Vacant     
District Commissioner Michael Grimaldi (816) 665-8072
Activities Chairman Vacant


Advancement Chairman Nancy Day (816) 447-0750
Boy Scout Roundtable Commissioner Joe Raach  (816) 804-5461 

Camping Chairman Jon Voss (816) 305-7953
Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner Sarah Martinez (816) 806-4094
Day Camp Chairman      
Membership Chairman David Ladwig (816) 678-4782
Risk Management Chairman Paul Schleicher (913) 244-1336
OA Chapter Advisor Joe Palausky (816) 807-1053
Popcorn Chairman Vacant    
Public Relations Chairman Vacant     
Relationships Chairman Jon Voss (913) 652-0280
Training Chairman Vacant     

District Professional Staff

District Executive Janell Neal (816) 569-4929
District Director Daniel Hemphill (816) 569-4961