Pioneer Trails District Day Camp

Theme: “Treasure Island"

Day Camp will be held June 20 - 23, 2016 at Youthbuild KC located at 1940 E 11th Street, KCMO

  • Day Camp Registration Form 2016 - please register as a PACK! If you have Scouts from other units attending with you, they MUST register under their HOME UNIT!!
  • Units can also register online beginning January 4, 2016
  • Scouts paid in full on or before April 27, 2016 - $65.00 per Scout
  • Scouts paid on or after April 27, 2016 - $75.00 per Scout
  • Scouts added at camp - $80.00 per Scout
  • New Scouts (including new Tigers - new Kindergarten graduates) who register after April 27, will be offered the $65 rate at whatever time they sign up for Day Camp.

Pioneer Trails 2016 Day Camp Staff

Camp Director Ken Mcfeders
Program Director Ben Bezanson
Trading Post Manager Betty Brown
Staff Advisor Niel Campbell