Pioneer Trails District Activities and Camping


The Spring Camporee will be held April 21-23, 2017 at Camp Lake of the Woods, this event will be open to all Boy Scouts and Webelos with our District OA Call Outs taking place on Saturday April 22. Registration cost is $10 per Scout and adult attending.

Program Stations:

  1. First Aid

Patrols will be tested on basic First Aid skills needed for Tenderfoot through First Class Rank.

  1. Knots

In relay fashion, Patrols will compete to successfully tie the list of knots as fast as they can. *Lashings/Knots used: Clove Hitch, Sheet Bend, Square Knot, Bowline, Two-half Hitches, Timber Hitch, Taut-Line Hitch, Figure Eight

  1. Physical Fitness

Scouts will be competing in the Tenderfoot Physical Fitness requirements of pushups, sit ups and the 1-mile run

  1. Shelter Building

Each Patrol will need to build a survival shelter within 20 minutes. Shelter must cover entire patrol

  1. Fire Building

This competition is to test the Scouts skills in building a fire using a small amount of materials. These fire building skills are important in being able to build a fire in the wilderness where fire­ starting materials may be scarce.

  1. Water Bucket Transporter

Patrols will construct a transporter to safely transport nitro, then attempt to transport it without detonating it.

  1. Flag Pole Raising

Patrols will work as a team to construct and raise a flagpole to fly their patrol flag.

  1. Dutch Oven Cooking

Scouts will learn the secrets to Dutch Oven cooking and will be able to test their skills at the District Cooking Competition