Pioneer Trails District Activities and Camping

2018 Spring Camporee


OA Call Out - April 20-22, 2018

Cost $10.00

Blue Valley Park and athletic Field

Located at 104th and I-435 



Webelos are invited to camp and participate with your Troop and Patrols


Friday, April 20st    


                6:00PM – 9:00PM                         Troop Check-in

At this time Troops Must turn in: attendance Roster, fees if you have not pre-paid Cash and Checks accepted, and List Patrols Participants for Saturday’s Activities. Troop dinners may be prepared at this time or eaten at home)

Troop Campfires are allowed, but keep them small and off the ground PLEASE.


9:30PM-9:45PM                     Senior Patrol Leader/Scoutmasters Meeting

                                                Location: Camporee Headquarters located at the Pop up

10:00PM                                 Call to Quarters (all Scouts Should be in their tents)


10:30 PM                                   Lights Out – This is Quite time, please respect other campers.


Saturday, April 21st   


            7:30AM-10:00AM                   Late Troop Registration


            8:30 AM                                  Flag Ceremony-

            9:00AM-12:00AM                   Formal Activates/ Competitions Begin                   

                                                            Uniform of the Day- Class B

Class B Uniform: Boy Scout T-shirt, socks, Tennis shoes or Hiking Boots, and Scout Pants or Shorts or Blue Jeans or Blue Jeans shorts. NO SANDALS or OPENED TOED SHOES.



12:00-1:00PM                         Troop Lunch-Reflection on Morning Activities


            1:00PM-4:30PM                     Afternoon Activities continue



5:00PM                                   Afternoon Activates Completed. Return to Camp sites and prepare for Dinner, work on skits and songs for campfire program.


5-30-6pm                                 Cooking Competition Entries due to judges at the Pop Up



7:30 PM                                  OA Call Outs and Campfire Program and awards presented



** Troop’s that will have Scouts called out during the OA Ceremony, please have a list of those Scouts that have been elected to turn in to the District OA Chapter.

SUNDAY, April 23rd   


                8:30AM                                   Flag Ceremony



            9:00AM                                   Religious Service (Class A Uniforms)


            9:30AM                                   Closing Flag Ceremony


            10:00AM                                 Pack up Camp Sites and Depart for Home














Blue Valley Park and athletic Field

Located on 104th and I-435 




Every unit and scout should BE PREPARED for any and all types of weather. Camporee will continue regardless of the weather.


Check In:

Check in for Troops is April 21st from 6:00 PM until 9:00 PM. Upon arrival, you will be asked to identify your unit prior to proceeding to your campsite, give registration completed troop attendance roster and any remaining fees to the registration Table. Registration will in the POP-UP



Registration fees for each Scout and Scouter is $10.00 The fees help cover the cost of the awards and facility costs. Checks are to be payable Heart of America Council.






The policy of the Heart of America Council and the Boy Scouts of America states that a certified youth protection trained adult over the age of 21 and have TWO DEEP LEADRERSHIP in attendance for your scout group outing. It is the units’ responsibility to provide this leadership not the camporee staff. Each unit should be prepared to provide leadership at the camporee and at any of the events so we can insure the best program for the scouts.


A scout is Trustworthy:

If any scout loses anything they should check with the lost & found at the District Headquarters. If any scout finds anything he should turn it at the lost & found at the District Headquarters. 


First Aid:

Every Troop and Pack in attendance should have signed copies of parental consent for medical treatment for those in attendance, health form.  Just as a typical troop campout your unit will be responsible for its own first aid. If there is a need for additional help please contact the District Headquarters ASAP.


Safe Scouting:

Review the guide to safe scouting with all in attendance so you are familiar with the Scouting policies. Use of tobacco products is not allowed for any scout. Use of tobacco products by adults is not allowed in any of the program areas including campfire, opening closing ceremony.


Religious Service:

Remember that a scout is Reverent and does his duty to God. There will be a non-denominational church service Sunday morning. Every Scout and Scouter is expected to attend in Class A uniform.


A Scout is clean:

Foul language will not be tolerated at the Camporee. If this language is heard you will be asked to leave without refund.



Each paid registered participant will receive a Camporee patch and camping coup. These will be handed out at the closing ceremony.



The Scout uniform for Camporee will be the Class B uniform at Opening. Closing Ceremony will be Class A. No sandals or open toed shoes.


Absolutely no ditches are to be dug around your tent. All fires must be off the ground. Charcoal or wood may be used for your cooking fires. Bring your own fuel for your fire, wood is not available at the campsite. Any remaining wood should be taken with you when you check out. Ashes should be out cold and dispersed or hauled away.


Leave no Trace:

Haul your own trash out of your campsite, there is no place for disposal of your trash at the campsite.



A Scout is friendly:

The camporee staff feels it is important that your charted partner and charter organization representative see your troop in action. Please invite them out for a visit on Saturday maybe for dinner and stay for the campfire. Webelos leaders, their parents are encouraged to visit your troop at the camporee