Overland Park Scout Earns Every Merit Badge

Earns All 139 Merit Badges

Overland Park Scout Earns Every Merit Badge

Christopher Sternecker, from Troop 222 in Overland Park, KS, is the latest Scout to join a very rare group after earning every single merit badge possible. His Scouting adventures and quest for every badge covered nearly 15,000 miles across seven states and 60 merit badge forums. In total, Christopher earned all 139 merit badges possible, a feat that has been accomplished less than 550 times in the history of the BSA. 

After reflecting on which 3 merit badges were the most memorable, Christopher chose scuba diving, backpacking, and skating. A group of nine Scouts from his troop supported Chris and went through the classes and open water requirements with him for scuba. Backpacking was completed at Philmont Scout Ranch with his older brother, which was a special bonding experience. To earn the skating badge, he took lessons which were interrupted by the pandemic, but a few friends and family helped him eventually earn the badge.

During his quest to achieve the less common badges, Christopher had the opportunity to participate in a number of unique activities. He got to learn blacksmithing in a period correct blacksmith shop. A surveying merit badge class allowed him to run a bulldozer and excavator with an instructor. He even got to fly in a small personal aircraft for his aviation merit badge.

Congratulations Christopher for not only achieving the rank of Eagle Scout, but for going above and beyond and joining an elite group of Scouts who have earned every merit badge possible!